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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 09:43 pm
meo_chan: (Sexy Randal the Pharaoh Wizard)
[personal profile] meo_chan
Went out shopping earlier today, after work. Bought a bunch of shirts and some new jeans, yay! All the sizes have changed though, so it took a while to find what actually fit, haha. My old ones, they're 33, and now the ones I've bought, they're 10. So yeah! Whatever. I was going to get a new winter coat too, since mine is way too big now, but I couldn't find any that a) I liked, and b) were my size.

One more week of work left. It's been going by so quickly now! I've got tonight and tomorrow off though, and that's nice after 7 in a row. Woo~
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