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Monday, December 26th, 2011 12:47 am
meo_chan: (Bason :: squee~)
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After eating a horrid amount of chocolate and turkey, I haven't gained any weight. It's a Christmas miracle.

Perhaps, since I haven't been eating any chocolate/candy at all, the sudden mass intake shocked my body and put it into overdrive? Aces, if so.

I mean, I really hate to be one of those people, but this is seriously a big deal to me now. Anyway, presents!!

From Oma; assorted jewellery, embroidered Ukrainian... tapestry, I guess is the best word for it?, angel figurine, two fairy figurines, various Christmas ornaments, fur (probably faux) winter headband, various embroidered doilies/hankerchiefs/whathaveyou, a couple shirts, a mug, a little glass cup (I think maybe it's a candle holder?), and a painting done on a piece of Birch wood.
From Uncle Al & Aunt Barb; $50
From Uncle Mike & Aunt Deb; Flannel pyjama set (red), $250
From Uncle Pete & Aunt Anna; Batman Returns DVD, Ukrainian embroidered pillow, little cottage figurine (I don't know, I guess it's ceramic or something of the sort? Intricately carved and all that), $300
From Traudl; three shirts with laced yokes

So, that was Christmas Eve, then we came back up to Barrie, and did our own present exchange on Christmas Day.

From Mom & Dad; pyjama set (purple), 1 year subscription to Cosmo, Self, and Elle
From Kyle; Wolverine vinyl bobble-head
Stocking!; Terry's Chocolate Orange with toffee, assorted Kinder Chocolate, 3-pack Ferrero Rocher, two bags of white pistachios, pomegranate, scratch ticket (I didn't win), 2 peppermint candy canes
From Grandma; $50
DVDs; Starsky & Hutch (in stocking), Watchmen, Transporter, Transporter 2, In the Name of the King (from Mom & Dad).
From "Santa"; a fancy elliptical machine! Woo! This is way better than just using the treadmill (which I no longer have to pay to repair), which is rediculously hard on the knees, and it's got like 16 different settings and sdlgkhaslg so excited! :D

And that's it! Also, not from Christmas, but I bought myself Crossed, and the Fables deluxe edition vol.2, which both arrived on the 23rd. Sweet! I've read Crossed (which, it being Ennis, was more or less what I expected). I haven't read Fables yet, since I still have to buy vol.1 of the D.E., so yeah. Good stuff!
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