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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 08:20 pm
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I may be one of the only people who owns a car and can't even get a G1.

I'll have to take the bus over and take it again sometime, this is kind of depressing.

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Monday, August 24th, 2009 12:58 am
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Going to renew my G1 tomorrow (it expired last week LOL) and probably drop some resumes around. I figure, it's almost the end of august, so there should be some openings from people going back to school. I need moneeeeeeeeeeeey. D:

UM. So yeah, I've just been taking the online driving test over and over for the last couple days... but it's so boring, man... I don't even drive anyway. So, trying to curb the boredom, I've been doodling a bit but auuugh. Man, nothing's coming out right. :<

I thought there was something else but... I guess not.

i have a goal!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 10:54 pm
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I have officially decided to go on a diet, and I will not waver! :D

Since I'm going to be away house-sitting in Toronto for the Christmas break, I figure that's the perfect time to get things done, or at least started! XD I'll be alone, I won't have to worry about going out for food/eating bad things since I'll have total control, and it'll just be awesome! Plus I'll be away from my crazy family! I'm excited! :D

In other news... well, I guess that's all. Oh! During Jeopardy today, Kyle got a Star Trek question right before me, and I got a math question right before him! WTF is this, Bizarro World?!*

I have a German exam (written) tomorrow, but I'm pretty confident. It's basically a summary of all the quizzes we've done, and I've kicked ass on them! But of course I've been studying, since I'm paranoid and I will forget everything if I don't. XD

Also! I cleaned my room the other day, and I have a Star Trek book! XD The weird thing is, I don't remember ever buying it, so I have NO IDEA how long I've had this for. Haha!

* It must be, since I'm using a Superman ref HAHAHA

boring things

Sunday, January 28th, 2007 01:54 pm
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I should probably but updating more but, yeah. I dunno, just not feeling like it.

First exam kinda SUCKED, but I know for sure I passed the class, because I stayed behind after and did extra work to bring my mark up to a 50. Hee~

Tomorrow is my travel and tourism exam, will be fairly easy... though I have to see if he will take something because I totally put the wrong map on my ISU. Arg.

Tuesday I stay home, thank god for spare.

Wednesday is Italian, should be fairly easy. After the exam we're having a food day, whee!

So, I guess that's about it. Yeah.
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In a clear, and definitive way, the Chinese government stated all new PCs must be Linux-friendly. Case Closed. If you don't certify your computer is 100% Linux compatible, go away.

Ehehehe~! Amazing.

Went bowling again today. Muchos fun. I still suck at it. Health exam was super easy, and it wasn't even a written exam, joy. It was an interview, in which she asked a couple questions from the review that I had to answer. Swish!

Now I've got to study my ass off for law. *Yippee*

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Friday, June 23rd, 2006 03:25 pm
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So, Spanish exam went well. I'm not too worried about my health exam that's coming up, that should be easy too. A little worried about law but, eh. It'll work out.

OMG HAIRCUT. What the hell, Harry. What the hell.

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Bunch of fuckers at the school.

Some cocksucker put paint on my lock so when I opened it I got paint all over my hands. I swear to god if I ever find out who that bastard is I'm going to break his fucking nose.


English exam went ok, and the Spanish oral exam wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I think I'm going to do well on it tomorrow. Going bowling with Jen and Verena tonight, should be fun. :D

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Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 05:55 pm
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Finally back online. I had to reboot my whole computer and I lost EVERYTHING, so, lame.

Exams start tomorrow, total bummer. And I've actually got TWO exams tomorrow, english (normal one), and Spanish (oral exam). AND I've got to get my law ISU done so I can actually pass that course. I'll probably definately be going to summer school for english. Ah well.
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So, I got my midterm marks. Overall they're actually not too shabby!

English - 45
Spanish - 67
Health for Life - 60
Law - 52

Not bad, eh! And I actually didn't miss too many days either! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Anyway. After school, Jen and me were driving along, and we saw Levely in his car so we kinda followed him for a little bit, like, trying not to be obvious. We were at a red light and Levely was right beside us and he started making faces and stuff, and we were laughing a bit, then Jen hit her head on the steering wheel and honked the horn, and Levely was practically pissing himself laughing. Jen and me were laughing to hard, she was SO red. It was like, the best day EVER. :D

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Thursday, January 26th, 2006 10:35 pm
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Well. It's exam time.

I've got math tomorrow, media studies on monday, then religion tuesday. Yippee.

Justin did his usual 'you should smile' thing yesterday. More specifically, he said "April, smile for fuck sakes." You know, just like he ALWAYS does. I don't even know why he does it. I guess it's kinda nice though.

Ugh, I can't wait until the exams are over. I'm so sick and tired of this semester.

(P.S. - The repair place is already done fixing my VCR, so I'll probably be getting it back either tomorrow or saturday! Joy!)

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005 01:08 pm
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Whoo, yesterday was a good day. Around 7pm Tiffany came over with none other than... Mike. Wow! He's very tall now. Awkwardly tall. I actually have to look up to talk to him. Arg. Anyway. They came in and talked for a bit, then we walked over to Tiffany's house. We stopped at some other places for people but they weren't home. We got to Tiff's house, and she called Sam to see if she was there, but she wasn't. So we just stayed there. We played some boggle on her computer, then went upstairs for dinner. French fries. Yum. We watched a movie on tv, City of Joy I think. Kinda weird. A real chick-flick. After that we watched a bit of Legend of Bagger Vance, because Mike was praising it. It sucked. Hard. So after talking to Tiff's step-dad about movies and stuff, he put on this animated one called Heavy Metal (the ORIGINAL, not Heavy Metal 2000). It was good. Very good music in it. It was pretty late after that, so I got a ride home. Got home at about 1am. Whee. It was fun. I was so tired though, so just about as soon as I got home I crashed. I wouldn't mind doing something like that again.

...I have Pocky. FWEEE~

Edit; 6:50pm
Whee! Aunt Barb came over and took Kyle and I to the movies. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was quite good, but something kind of annoyed me. You know that scene they showed in the previews of him riding the tricycle and shooting that huge-ass gun? IT DOESN'T EXIST. I was watching so intently, waiting for that scene, and it never happened. Rawr. Maybe it's a deleted scene? It was still good though. And! Oh my god! Angelina Jolie hit Adam Brody in the face. With a PHONE. That was awesome.

Well, now I've got to study for tomorrow's exam. Although, it's kind of hard to study for math. Mostly formulas and such. I hate math. Oh! And I have to talk to the people in the office about my report card, because I'm fairly sure they mail it out, so I'll have to give them my new address so we get it. So much work. I'm going to go insane.
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You know that feeling when you wake up but you're not really awake and everything is funny? I HAVE THAT RIGHT NOW. Plus my throat is all dry and raspy so when I laugh I sound like this really evil... thing. And my ear is still clogged! Bloody Hell. I can barely hear a thing out of my right side, and its very annoying.

Today is house cleaning day. Basically packing up every last thing except the basics. Arg. My computer is getting packed up tomorrow, so there won't be any updates for a couple days; maybe a week (hopefully not that long).

My dreams have been getting exceedingly weird lately. Maybe because the move? I dunno. But they're like, 50x weirder than usual. And that's pretty damn weird.

Only one more exam left. Yay. But it's personal finance, and I'm gonna do so bad on it. Stupid math. At least after that I won't have to worry about it any more.

Yesterday was the best day of my life.

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2005 09:25 am
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World religion = easiest exam EVER.

I am looking at a clean 90% with this one.
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Ok, the art exam was super easy. Really, I worry too much about stuff. My next is on monday, and thats psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Blah.

Omg, after the exam, it was so much fun. Ok, Alicia's mom wasn't coming to pick her up until 10:30 (we finished at 9:30), so I decided to wait with her in the caf. I could've walked, but it was cold so I didn't want to leave right away. :P Tiffany came a while later, and she was saying how she was going home, but then she had to come back to do some math tests that she missed, and hand in some ISU's. So her mom was coming to pick her up later and she offered me a drive home, so I was like, sure! So we're waiting for her to show up, and then Mike comes over. So we're like, hey, and we all start talking about stuff. Mike had to stay at the school until 2, because the busses come on regular times even on exam days, so Tiff said he could come to her house, cause her mom had to go back for the bus route. (Tiff's mom drives a school bus) So Tiff's mom comes and we all get on the bus, but before going to Tiff's house we went to Zehrs, cause she had to do some shopping. So we start heading back on, we're on the road, and we see Sam! So Sam gets on the bus too, and we drive her over to the doctor, cause he had an appointment. Then we get to Tiff's house, and Tiff starts working on her ISU's, and Mike and me play N64. Fwee! We played this one racing game, then we played a 007 game, and then we played Perfect Dark (I think that's what it's called). I sucked at it, and I died a lot. Hee. Then Sam showed up! Yes, at Tiff's house. :D So we talked a lot, and played more N64, and it was about 1:45 so we had to head to the school. So we all get on the bus and go to school. We walked around for a bit, cause we had to wait until 2 when all the kids got on the bus. So about 10 minutes later we went out to were the busses were, and Ed was there (Mike's brother) waiting for Mike so they could leave. Mike told Ed everything that happened, and he laughed. We talked for about 5 minutes, then Mike and Ed got on their bus, and Sam and me got on our bus (Tiff's mom was gonna drive us home). There were only two other people on the bus, haha. So we drove out and dropped them off, and then we went to this little convenient store cause Tiff's mom wanted some water, so Tiff, Sam, and me went in to buy it. We got the water, and the ice cream feezer was right next to it, so we checked out what they had, and ended up buying a tub of Heavenly Hash ice cream, and a pack of plastic spoons. :D Yum. So we ate that on the bus on the way back. About 15-20 minutes later, we dropped Sam off by her house, and then we drove back to the school, cause Tiff's mom had to do the elementary route, so we couldn't even get a ride home! How cruel. So Tiff and me walked home, like it was a regular school day. Hahaha. We might do it again on monday. Whee!

Wow... this entry is really long, but I guess that's ok because it makes up for the two short entries I had yesterday. :P

Oh, I'm watching the MuchMusic countdown and that new Mario video just come on... how amusing. He's trying to act so tough when he's so obviously NOT. Loser. :O
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OMG, I am so bored. So out of this boredom, I decided to... ARRANGE MY CDS!! No, really. I thought I had a lot more than I do. Hrm. I found out that I have 3 Backstreet Boys Cds. 3!! and 3 Limp Bizkit Cds. And I have Nirvana's Nevermind Cd. How?! I don't even like Nirvana, yet I have one of thier Cds. *sigh* Half of these don't even have the booklets anymore. Arg. 'Tis the curse of my room, it is. Blah, oh well. The only trouble I had was when I had all the CDs on there, then I'd find another, so I'd have to take all the others off to put it up. Cause I'm putting them in alphabetical order. I dunno why. I guess it's easier to find them that way? Meh. It'll probably get all messed up in a week or so.

Oh! My exams are starting next week. Blah. They start on thursday, and go until the wednesday. (feb 2) I dunno how, cause that's 5 days, and there's only 4 exams... thursday=art, friday=psych, monday=biology, tuesday=english, wednesday=nothing!! Eh, maybe it's just an extra day or something. Stupid exams. Well, at least I don't have to stay there the whole day. :D

I'm hungry, and I don't like American Idiot as much as Nimrod.

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