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We got Guitar Hero 3, finally! It's so much fun~ :D

My arm seriously hurts now, though. And I can't stare at the screen too long or else everything starts melting like a freaking Salvador Dali. XD But it's an excellent game. :3

It's really only Kyle and me playing, sometimes dad will do a song or two, but it hurts his wrist so he can't play too much. Mom tried but she said she can't coordinate the buttons and stuff.

And, as usual video game habit, whenever Kyle or I messes up we have to curse, but while Kyle says things like 'ugly' or 'jew', I am much more colorful with my uses of 'shit', 'fuck', and 'cock'. Dad was kind of surprised at that last one. XD

Oh! And in other news... David Cook won American Idol, yay! :D The finale show was really good too, so many big stars! All in all, pretty freaking awesome. :3

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Thursday, May 15th, 2008 11:25 pm
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Idol's been going good, it's just the two David's left now. :3 Fantasia preformed, and LOL OMIGOD SIMON'S FACE. That was pretty much the greatest thing ever. XD

Um. What else... I guess there isn't too much happening, really. Been playing Civ 2 a lot lately. Yay for taking over the world. :D

OH. OMIGOD LOLOLOLOLOL. Has anyone else seen that new Subaru commercial? The one wih the Sumo wrestlers cleaning the suv? LOLOMIGODLOVEIT. XDDDDDDD
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Bought The Sims2 Open For Business the other day. It's pretty fun, though some of the reactions with the new 'attraction' things are really stupid. For example:

Boy A is crushing on Girl A.
Girl A is crushing on Boy A
Boy B is attracted to Girl A, but hates Boy A.
Boy A hates Boy B, and Girl A isn't too fond of him either.
Boy B flirts with Girl A, she rejects.
Boy A ends up hating/becoming enemies with both Boy B and Girl A.

WTF. Makes no sense at all. And also! Since you can also play university on it, I've been doing that, but when Final Exam time comes, they both leave and they're off the screen, everything says that they're in class, but somehow one of them ends up missing the exam and failing. D: I have no idea why that keeps happening.

Anyway~ Also bought some new manga. Battle Royale vol. 3, 8, 9, and Saiyuki vol. 7, 8. Yay! I haven't read any of them yet, but I probably will soon. I started reading my Loki RAGNAROK manga again too. God, that art is so freaking pretty! XD

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Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 06:37 pm
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I've been playing MapleStory a lot lately. It's pretty fun. :3

I have two accounts (Meoux and Abebei), and I may be making another couple, just so I have 1 of each job thing. XD I need to figure out how to do some stuff though, and I need to find out what some items do (if anything). Yay!

Also! OMIGOD THE LATEST SHAMAN KING SCANLATION. XDDDDD Man, Reiheit is pretty cool. I really need to get the rest of the volumes... only 10 more! Well... 11 really. XD And crap! That just reminded me I have to scan the profile pics. I think I'll start on those now.

I guess that's all. I actually have no idea what happened with the groundhog. :D

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Saturday, December 1st, 2007 09:26 pm
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I think I'm almost done Final Fantasy IV... at least I hope so, since I've been playing non-stop. I'm at the boss Zeromus, and I keep dying! So right now I'm just running around and levelling up. XD

The more I play, the more I grow to like EdgexRydia. XDDDD IT'S SO THERE. Hahaha so cute~

I want to buy another FF game now. I'll probably be done this one soon, and I'm pretty sure most of them have been remade for gameboy advance so... yeah. WHEEE~! :D

Also; yay for Rydia icon! XD Man, she's so cool, love her.

EDIT; 2:44am // Just beat the game!! XD I went around a bit levelling up and stuff, went back to Mt. Ordeals and did this trial thingy and got special weapons.

I switched two of my party members (Rosa + Kain to Palom + Porom) before going back to fight Zeromus and it was so freaking easy. XD I always hated those two!

Anyway... OMIGOD BEST ENDING EVERRRRRRR! XD I totally loved it omigod seriously. EDGE IS SO FREAKING CUTE! LOOOOOVE HIM! ♥. That Dwarf King (of Giott or whatever) was quite amusing at the end too. Hee! ...But I'm not sure if it's really 'over', since after the credits the Lunar Ruins or whatever opened and stuff... so I can still do stuff! Wheee~!! :D

But I'll definately have to get another new game now anyway! Maybe FFVI this time!
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Started playing FFIV again, whee! It's so much fun. :3 And I never realized before, but Cid's airship is called 'the Enterprise'! I got a good five-minute chuckle out of that today. XD

Been looking around absently, and there are not enough icons of Seven. I would make my own, but I kinda suck at it. XD Oh well.

I'm getting into that new show that's been out on MMM, Don't Forget the Lyrics! It's fun singing along, even though usually I don't know some of the songs at all. XD They keep playing reruns though, even though they've shown previews with people I've never seen. Ehhhh~ I want new episodes, Wayne Brady! D<

Um... I guess that's it. I need to cut my bangs. Jeez!

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 09:45 pm
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OMIGOD the weirdest thing just happened! Ok, so I was sitting in the bath, and some songs from the South Park "Helen Keller! The Musical" just randomly popped into my head, and guess what. I come out and turn on the tv, AND THAT'S THE EPISODE THAT'S ON RIGHT NOW. XD

Other than that... school's been going alright, I suppose. Certain problems here and there but, eh.

Been playing The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for the Wii like... nonstop. XD It's such a fun game, and it's totally making me miss Star Trek. XD I'm a Capo though, and I think I'm going to be promoted to Underboss soon, though I already control basically all of New York. XD LOVE IT~


Sunday, January 14th, 2007 11:52 pm
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So. I joined facebook recently. Yep.

Been playing more LoZ... got pretty far. Collecting twilight mirror shards now. Up on the snowy mountain. Yay.

School's almost over... one and a half weeks left I think?

Um... yeah. I think that's about it.
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Um. so I realize I haven't written anything since Christmas, but hey, I'm on vacation.

Playing on the Wii has been muchos fun. Zelda is awesome. Did some drawings, developing a new style that I'll hopefully stick to and make permanent. Um... happy Ukrainian Christmas! I'd totally forgotten how delicious kutia is! :D

And, since it's my last vacation day, here's a quiz. :D

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Hey everyone! Come and see my nation!

The Nomadic Peoples of Vaille

Hee. Are you JEALOUS? Come and make your very own nation then!

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Holy crap, today was so fucking boring. :/ I had a math test today, and I think I failed it, because I forgot a bunch of the forumlas and stuff. Arg. Stupid math.

I want to go buy some Cds. I have all this money, and I haven't spent it yet, it's kinda frustrating. But I have to save it for when I go to New York. Eh... maybe I'll buy some Cds there! :D Cause I think most things get released there first, so maybe I can get some good stuff. Yay!

I've been playing Sims2 a lot... I'm gonna get SO detatched from reality. :O OH!! Knight Rider is on tomorrow~! I haven't watched it in weeks. I can't wait.

PP UPDATE: green pants
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Ok, I haven't updated all weekend, (or been online for that matter) because I was playing... SIMS 2!! That game is so damn addicting. But majorly fun. And I watched some movies. A Night at the Roxbury, Batman, and Batman Returns! :D Hmm... yup that's about it. Oh, and I slept. A LOT. So naturally, I had a WEIRD AS HELL DREAM. Yup.

Ok, so in the dream, me and a bunch of people were just wandering around downtown and stuff, checking out the stores, then we got bored so we went to the mall. We got there, and there was this huge crowd of people standing around something. So we push our way through the crowd, and there, kicking major ass on Dance Dance Revolution, was none other than... Jason Mewes! Seriously. He was kicking ass on DDR in the mall, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Then some other stuff happened (I don't remember what exactly) and we all ended up eating pizza. WTF. I don't even think any of the malls here have DDR, so it kinda makes me wonder, where the hell were we?!

My head hurts now... like, it's all dizzy and stuff, so I think I might go to sleep soon. Arg. It's been snowing all day too, so I'm hoping it'll be a snow day tomorrow.
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I don't remember where I got this... I just found it in one of my files. I love this comic!! It's so cute. Fwee~

Pippin always looks )

Oh, I finally got Perfect Blue on tape. Yay! :D And I found a download for Super Mario Bros., so I've been playing that a lot. Hehe.

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OMFG. I still haven't been able to find a Roxanne/Tango picture. I'm starting to consider like, downlaoding it and screencapping it myself, but that would take WAY too long. *sigh*

I started playing chess again! :O I play here: MSN Games, under the name sweet_absinthe, so if anyone wants a game, drop me a line! :D I sometimes play checkers too, but not much, cause I suck at it. :P

And, I went to the orthodontist today, (which is why I'm home) and supposedly my retainer isn't doing it's job so my top teeth are shifting or something. Rawr. So they had to do another mold thingy so they can order ANOTHER retainer for me to wear. I wear one retainer one night, the other one another night, something like that, I dunno. Why can't they just LEAVE ME ALONE?!
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OMG! I'm still here!! :D

Yes... been taking a sorta break from the online world... 'cause I've been playing Sims 2!! *is shot* But seriously, I love that game. It's so much better than the original... except it won't let you switch clothes!! >__< Unless somehow I'm missing it, but it won't let you change the clothes you wear everyday, even if you buy a dresser! Arg! That is so annoying! But other than that the game is awesome.

TURKEY!! Yay, Thanksgiving weekend... which didn't turn out too great for me. For some reason, right before we started eating, I had an emotional breakdown, and I sat in the bathroom crying for 5 minutes. NOT FUN. But after that I was totally fine. How strange.

OMG THE GRUDGE. I wanna see that movie so bad. It looks awesome. Even though in the original Japanese it's like the 4th sequel or whatever... I don't care! The commerical made my mom scream. Seriously. Scared the crap out of her, so I doubt we're going to be seeing it in the theatre. Oh well. I can wait.

NYAR. This sucks. I have to go back to school tommorrow, and I really don't want to. *sigh* Stupid school. -__-
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I'm just watching a bad dream I'd never wake up from.

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

Awesome, awesome. Spike rocks. :D

Ok. So I was searching around, and I found this online Pokemon battle thingy called Net Battle. It's awesome. You go on different servers and battle people with a team of Pokemon you chose. I was so excited and downloaded it right away, and made up my own team, eager to battle. But, with Pokemon not being one of my main knowledge areas, I got my ass kicked. Repeatedly. Not much fun. So I made another team. A stronger team. Went back to battle again. Not much luck. I won a battle or two, but that's it. *sigh* I love Pokemon, but I am so unexperienced with it! Sure, I play the games on my GameBoy, and I collect the cards, but I've never really understood it. The strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon, plus, I haven't been keeping up lately, and there's a whole new bunch of Pokemon available! Holy crap! I feel like I've been living under a rock! But lucky for me, a uber-nice player directed me to, which has explainations on all the new Pokemon, items, attacks, etc. Yay! So I'm gonna study up a bit, and then go back with a really good team! :D

BTW.. if anyone happens to read this and wants to battle, I play under the user names Meo and farllee. ^__^

...OMFG! I had a test in biology today, but I forgot I had it so over the weekend I didn't study at all! ;__; But I think I did ok... lots of true and false, and multiple choice questions. I hope I passed that test...
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OK! Update time! :D Yes, I haven't been writing in here as much as I would like to, time is not on my side. I have been playing a lot of FFIX, perhaps an unhealthy amount. Unhealthy in the fact that my ass hurts from sitting down so much....ANYWAY. >__> I might get around to doing some FFIX fanart, because I am in LOVE with the character designs in that game.

OOH! I got The Sims 2!! Actually, my dad bought it, but it's sorta the "family" game, since we all play The Sims. Although I haven't gotten to play it yet. Half because of FFIX, half because my computer is a piece of shit.

Oh, speaking of pieces of shit, or rather just pieces... I saw the dubbed version of One Piece on saturday. I didn't even know it was being dubbed. (shame on me) But... omfg. It is ruined. I'm not sure exactly, but I have a feeling that it was dubbed by 4Kids (the same people who ruined Shaman King), but I'm not positive, I really should look that up when I have some time. Luffy's voice made my ears bleed, it is so bad. Very, VERY annoying. And, OMGWTF?! Zoro is now changed to "Zolo". *dies* I don't know if they did that to avoid some sort of copyright issue but, come on! Zolo? What the hell. Thank God I have the original episodes and movies.

Back to the real issue here... uhh, oh ya! My computer is a piece of shit! :D Seriously though, it really is, so I've been spending a fair amount of time on burning my folders on CD-Rs. My computer has been screwing up A LOT, and a bunch of programs haven't been working so I'm restoring it to factory condition. (as in the way it was when I bought it; WITH NOTHING ON IT) So basically, it will be as if I just bought a brand new computer, there will be no downloaded programs or whatever, just what comes with it naturally. Which is why I'm buring my folders onto CD-Rs, so that after I restore my computer, I can load them back on the computer. Hurray!

Ho-lee crap... this entry is uber-long, even if it is a super-update entry, so I'm gonna stop writing now. OMFG, Wayne's World 2 was on!! ...sorry, I just really love that movie. ^__^

Quote of the Day: "To be forgotten is worse than death." (Freya, "Final Fantasy IX")

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Friday, July 30th, 2004 09:37 pm
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Arg, I haven't written in here for a while... I've been playing Civilization II a lot. :D I love that game, taking over the world is so much fun. And easy! Bwahaha! >D

Aiee! Clerks was on IFC today! I love that movie. And I was able to get it on tape becuase I had a tape left after taping episodes 1-10 of Fullmetal Alchemist! Yay! (that was confusing @__@)


Sorry for the outburst but... SQUEE! They hugged! :D I watched South Park last night, it was episode 610; "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society". Hee! I almost had a heart attack. I have to download that episode so I can get a screencap of it! *is shot* OMG! And episode 603; "Asspen"... AWW~! *__* The part when Kyle was holding that picture of him and Stan... squee!!

Don't mind me... I'm having a fangirl overload or something.

Arg, I drank some orange juice the other day, and now I'm totally sick... because I hate orange juice. >__< It always makes me sick. :(

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