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Sunday, January 29th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Watched the Beijing Chinese New Year Special yesterday, which, as usual, was fantastic. Started watching the Taiwanese New Year Special today, and that was... not so good. It's kinda just... a play for two hours? Not too enjoyable for me.

Anyway. Ordered some more comics (Fables Deluxe Edition vol.1, The Punisher [Max] vol.1, Hellboy vol.7), and they should get delivered tomorrow. Woo!

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Saturday, January 1st, 2011 12:35 am
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Happy New Year!

So, starting out the new year... sick?

Hopfeully it's just something I ate and not something that'll stick around, cause this is pretty terrible you guys!

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Sunday, February 1st, 2009 01:29 am
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Watching the New Years Special form Beijing right now, omigod it's so good. The one number with the girls with the umbrellas and the guys on the bamboo stilt things was so pretty. They had such nice outfits, omigod. Seriously. *_*

The one with the wheat field and the woman singing was nice too. Maaaaan. So cool.

Also: I think I'm getting the flu.

happy new year~

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 02:51 am
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So, it's 2009 now.

Saw Valkyrie yesterday, it was... alright. You know, nothing fantastic, but it wasn't horrible. Some little things wrong with it but, eh. Oh well.

Umm... yeah. What a crappy first-year entry. ;_;
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Went out last night to Uncle Mike/Aunt Debbie's house for dinner and stuff. :D

Been watching my Shaman King dvds... YAY. But some of the episodes have the Chinese translated subtitles, and some of the lines are just too funny. I love it. XD
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Yay! First post of the year! Arg... been spending a hell of a lot of time on gaia, and I need to update. Alright... Bakuretsu Tenshi finished downloading and oh... my... GOD. I'm in LOVE with this series. It's amazing (although the opening theme is annoying). I love Jo and Amy. I could care less about Sei and Kyohei. I hate Meg. I hate her SO MUCH. So doesn't seem to be good for anything. And she gets kidnapped in practically EVERY episode. *sigh* But anyway... Yuji Ueda does Kyohei's voice! *shock* I still can't notice it though... (I'm too used to his Horo Horo and Abarenbou roles) :O

I started downloading Fullmetal Alchemist again. Well not really "again", because I never finished the series in the first place but, meh. Pita Ten and Shaman King are still downloading. I don't think they'll ever finish. Blah.

I didn't get to go to China Town. And mom won't take me because she wants me to save my money for New York. *sigh* How annoying.

I'm really hungry right now, but mom's cleaning the kitchen so I can't go in there yet. Rawr~ I'm wasting away!

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