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Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 04:03 pm
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My couch is here! Actually, it was here yesterday, and I only posted about it on FB. Because I'm a terrible person.

ANYWAY. It's totally awesome and fits perfectly without being overbearing, and Dakota is so confused about it, hahaha.

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Sunday, October 17th, 2010 04:53 am
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So, just a few days left for housesitting, and I can't WAIT to go home. not so much that I'm lonely, but I really don't understand cats. :/ I miss Dakota. Dogs are so much easier to understand.

Lucky whines all the time. I mean, Dakota whines too, but I know what he's whining about. Lucky whines over any and everything. If I'm making dinner, he'll push against my legs and whine, even though his food is already out. If I'm sitting and watching tv he'll walk around and whine, and I'd like to pet him, I really don't mind, but he won't just lie down and be petted. He'll either jump on the couch and knead my legs then leave, or he'll press his head against my arm and occassionally gnaw on it, then jump off the couch and walk around and whine. Even when I go to the washroom... if it was Dakota, he would just lie quietly outside the washroom and wait for me to come out. Lucky just whines and HEADBUTTS THE DOOR.

Anyway. That's pretty much it. Just wanted to vent~

cute overload

Friday, April 9th, 2010 03:56 am
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Haha omigod I keep looking at pictures of cute animals and if I were crazy rich I would totally have a bunch of them as pets, so serious. 8D

Corsac Fox
Marbled Polecat
Raccoon Dog (don't even care about the whole Tanuki thing, they're so freaking cute)


♥ ♥ ♥
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There was a dog at out door tonight! 8D

It was a couple hours ago, it just kind of showed up at our doorstep and was barking. So we let him in and fed him a bit. I'm not sure what breed it was, but it looked like some kind of short hair Australian Shepherd or something. Seemed really old too.

The weird thing is, we checked out his collar, and the tag on it was just a rabies vaccination thing from some vet clinic in Elmira. ELMIRA. We called the number on the tag for "if found", but there wasn't an answer (duh, like 3am), but there wasn't an answering machine either, which was weird. We probably would've kept him in the house until we got in touch with someone, but Dakota wasn't too comfortable with the other dog (kept sniffing his butt and Dakota was freaking out at that LOL).

He realized this wasn't his house though and was standing at the door, so we let him back out, and he sat on the porch for a while before leaving.

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009 09:49 pm
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One of my Piranha died. :(

He got the Ich pretty bad and the other two went after him a bit once he got it. So he's gone now, took him out of the tank and he went down the toilet... except he was a bit bigger than we thought and now it's a bit clogged up. Ah well.

He was smaller than my other two and wasn't totally healthy either, always got sick before they did. I guess it's good he's out of his misery now.

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2008 01:48 am
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So, we got two kittens. :3

They were hanging around York, so mom and dad took them home. We've named them Arcadia and Natasha. Arcadia is black and white, and Natasha is all black with gray patches on her paws and chest. They're quite cute, but Dakota is TOTALLY jealous. XD He's such a baby.

Anyway~ I guess that's all.

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Sunday, January 15th, 2006 05:55 pm
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Heeeeeeey everyone! Since I haven't been updating, I decided to update some pictures! For reals! Most of them are kinda old though... I don't think there's any past hallowe'en. Ah well. Also, the pictures might be kinda big, even though I did shrink them quite a bit. Good enough!

Since no one has really seen him yet, here's Dakota. This was a bit after when we first got him, so he's about 4/5 months. Isn't he cute!? He totally loved the camera.

We went up to the cottage, and Dakota had fun playing around in the water, chasing sticks and things. Although every single time, he would come out and shake dry, then jump right back in the water. Hilarious.

Aaaaaaaaand... here's my house!! Tada! Isn't it amazing? We still have no numbers, haha. It's a mystery house, whoooooo~ This is the jack-o'-lantern we did for hallowe'en. I designed and carved it. Didn't scoop it out, I hate doing that. It looked kinda weird when I took the pic of it with the lights off though...

Later that night I was watching The Ring with Kyle, and he was like, "Do an impression of Samara!" So I did. SPOOOOOOOKY. He said it would look better if my hair was darker, and it probably would. It was fun anyway. He also said I looked particularly creepy with my eye sideways.

"You look like a demon or something."

Whee! I might do some more recent pictures sometime... maybe around Christmas. Yay!
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Wow, it's been a while! I was getting ready to go to sleep and figured I better update. There isn't too much going on... went to the movies the other day and saw Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo, was pretty funny. Been making plans to visit the Army Surplus store to pick up a nice jacket. Dakota is doing quite well, and they've started putting grass in a couple houses down, which means we'll probably be getting it soon too! Joy!
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Oh man! I got a new puppy!! :D He's a golden retriever, and about 3/half months old. We named him Dakota. He's so cute~

Fweee! I'm watching Detroit Rock City right now, so awesome. Edward Furlong is in this and omfg, what a sex-pot.

I want this sountrack.
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I woke up this morning and was just lying in bed, I didn't want to get up. I heard scratches under my bed. The exact same ones that Zoro made when he crawled under there to sleep. I cried so much. Man, my eyes are still red. A little part of me is hoping that he came to visit me and I didn't just hallucinate it.

Hey now now

Saturday, August 6th, 2005 03:11 pm
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I'm back! Yayz! This is probably going to be the longest entry of mine, EVER. Naturally, it's going under a cut so all you uninterested people can just skip over it. Hurrah. I don't think anyone would actually read this whole thing anyway; I might not even do it. It's just nice to have it here. :D

I might add pictures and stuff in here later, not sure.

Adventures in Europe! )

So, now you're all pretty much up to date. Oh! My room is totally purple!! Squee! And I'm going to China Town on thursday, with $320 in tow! Oh joy! Oh rapture!!

And dude! Duuuude! I totally passed two of my courses!! Levely, the super-nice awesome guy he is, gave me a 50. Joy! The only reason I can think why I passed religion is my exam mark, I know I did really good on it. I failed math and geography, but that's ok. I already knew I was going to fail math, and the geo teach is a total bitch. I'm so glad she's not gonna be there next year (if she is I'm gonna stab someone... or at least start some voodoo, hehe).

Oh... also, Zoro died. He died a couple days after I left. Something inside him ruptured or something and he was internally bleeding. I can't believe this happened again. Fuck.
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retard-o-bot )

ANYWAY. Let's get away from all that bad stuff, shall we? Like I said, the rest of the day was fine. Good, even. At lunch I noticed my clover washed off (on my wrist), so I drew a new one. Looks really good, cause I went over it a bunch of times and it was nice and dark. Get to third period, and sweet jesus, we have a substitute. My good luck clover worked! The brochure was pushed a day back, so I have an extra day to work on it. Hurray. (I haven't even started so it won't make much of a difference but hey, I'll take it).

I actually went outside today. Not just the walk to/from school, but out in the backyard. I ran around and played with Zoro. I kicked a soccer ball around. I got mud on my hands. It felt really good, just to be doing that. Running around and having fun and getting dirty... wow. I think I might do that a bit more now, because I like that feeling of "natural happiness". Life's simple pleasures, eh?

Went up to the doctor's yesterday with mom, because this stupid sickness is sticking around. Saw the same doctor, and everything seemed about the same. He gave me some new pills, and that's it. So we go home and read the write-up about the pills, and what the fuck. The pills he gave me were for urinary tract infections, which I don't have. I have a LUNG infection. And those pills were, "not to be taken by adolescents under the age of 18", which I am, so even if I needed them, I couldn't even take them. So I get mom to take me to the other doctor's office (a smaller clinic in the opposite direction), and get checked out there. We go through the same basic things, and the new doctor says I'm just having some breathing problems due to the infection, and advises I take a puffer. The other things are just from a flu, although it's odd I've had it for so long (since April 11th). So I just have to take that for the next couple weeks and I should be fine.

Note to self: test on Islam tomorrow.

PP UPDATE: green pants
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You know, I just realized I never finished reading Mein Kampf... I wonder if I should start it again. But then again I have no idea where I left off, so I would have to start from the beginning... *sigh* I have no idea.

There's a bunch of people over to help with re-painting the house... Zoro is barking his fool head off. ARG. So annoying. The paint smells awful, so I opened a window, and now it is FREEZING in my room.

This sucks.


Wednesday, July 7th, 2004 07:35 pm
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Fwee~ My grandma came over today, at like 12, (so I had to wake up early >__>) and she stayed until about an hour ago. Blah. But she brought me books! Hee. We talked for like, the whole time she was here, she doesn't come over much because of Zoro (our dog, he's a pitbull/labrador/staffordshire terrier/wolf mix).
She's kinda scared of him, but he acted good the whole time she was here. I think she likes him a bit more now.

Somehow we got into a conversation about organs. It was funny, I've never had a conversation about organs before! (even with my strange fascination with spleens) Quite fun. Then I had to help make dinner, I cooked the noodles, hur. They were those packages of Lipton's Noodles or whatever, but we didn't buy two packages of the same type, so I had to mix some. I combined a package of Sour cream and chives with cheese and chives, and they tasted pretty good! :3

During dinner, grandma kept making these unintentional perverted comments, haha. Then it started raining, so my idiot brother Kyle ran outside with a bucket and played in the rain. My parents kept yelling at him to come inside, because there was thunder and lightning, but he kept whining. "Why do I have to come inside? Blah blah blah." He's so annoying. x__x He's such a pig too! For dessert we we're going to have strawberry ice cream and cake, but it turns out that Kyle ate whole box of ice cream by himself. So we just had cake. *sigh* Then there was some more talking, something about her going to a cottage or something, then they started talking about Dr. Phil. o__o It was quite odd.

After dessert we went into the living room so grandma would watch Kyle's recital tape. (he plays drums, I play electric guitar) When it was over grandma asked if I had one too, which I didn't. (I wasn't at the music school when they had the recital) She asked if I was going to be in a recital, I said probably not, because I don't like preforming in front of an audience. So she was like, "So after you're done with guitar lessons, and your teacher says you're a fantastic guitar player, then that's it? You won't play for anyone?" And I said, "...Well, ya, probably." XD I'm so strange.

Yes, well that was my day. It was quite... interesting. Ooh! I finally got some Japanese-English dictionaries! Yay! Hee, now I can translate my manga! Whee~ ooh! My South Park episodes are done downloading!! Hee!

Later days~

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