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Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 01:13 am
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Almost done housesitting~

I got bored and curled my hair thursday, turned out quite good! It's still fairly curly, but I think by the time I go home sunday they'll be totally out. Maybe not, but it seems to be going that way.

Anyway. Finished the dvds and stuff I brought, and mostly all of the food too, it worked out nicely. I'll have a few things to bring back, but not much.

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Sunday, October 16th, 2011 04:53 pm
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I'm in Toronto now! Woo! Went to China Town last night for dinner with uncle Mike & aunt Deb, so good! Went to my favorite restaurant, Kom Jug Yuen~

Anyway, I decided this would be the perfect time to catch up on One Piece! Unfortunately, I didn't bring nearly enough of my DVDs, and I'll be finished with everything by tonight. I brought other things to watch, of couse, but I really wish now that I'd bought more One Piece. Sigh.

I mean, I could watch them at home, but the setting for it when I copied the disks was 4:3, and I don't have that setting, so the subtitles are horribly cut off. I don't have that problem here, and if I knew in advance that the tv here had the 4:3 setting, I'd have just brought them all. Ah well.

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 05:52 pm
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So, went to Toronto for the Tim Burton exhibit thing. It was ok! Had a bunch of sketches and writing, and some sculptures and costumes from the movies. There wasn't really anything I hadn't known about before though, so that was a bit meh.

Then, went to China Town and bought a bunch of manga! )

All in all, pretty good day!

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Sunday, September 26th, 2010 03:52 am
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HAHA OW god my throat is killing me. I was sneezing all night and now it's super scratchy and ugh. Nose is stuffed too. I wonder if I'm getting sick?

Going shopping tomorrow for dad's birthday present~ then tuesday we're going to Toronto for dinner at the Mandarin with all the family. Yay~

Housesitting starts Oct 2! Gonna bring my NANA dvds and some other ones too LOL. Gonna be fun.

Also! UGH Drake, get off my tv. I don't understand why he's popular, he's so awful. :/

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010 07:32 pm
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Going to York tomorrow for a job training thing. Only part time, 24 hours a week, about $13/hr I think? Not exactly sure of how long during the day it is yet. Yeah. Basically going to be watching people as they write placement tests for math/English.

Of course, my body has wonderful timing and I've been moody as fuck all day. Hopefully it'll be all good tomorrow, and uuuuugh it's super early and I'm gonna have to change my whole schedule around for this. D:
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So, I've been reading Ultimo online and man, I totally looooooooove it~! The actual manga chapters are so so much better than that pilot chapter thing, it's just awesome. Reading it, it reminds me a bit of Butsu Zone, and that makes me really happy. :3

And~! Going to China Town tomorrow with Shyne-san~! Gonna go to the usual stores and these other malls in Markham that we found out about, Pacific Mall, and probably the Splendid China Mall. Yay~!
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Soooo. Christmas is coming up! Wow! XD

I won't be here for most of the holidays, I think I might've mentioned that already. Going down to Toronto on sunday for a funeral/beginning of the housesitting.

Funeral will be... weird. It's for Arnold, grandma's husband (not my birth grandpa, although she isn't either, really). And GUESS WHAT. HE'S JEWISH. :/ The entire time she was married to him she never told us! But then again, I never looked at him long enough to notice. So we've all been making loads of jew jokes, and I have no idea how were going to fare in the... synagogue? Whatever.

Cut my middle finger with an exacto knife while wrapping presents yesterday, so it's really hard to type and scroll on the mouse. XD Maaaaan!

And... I guess that's all. I'll be bringing the laptop to Toronto while I'm housesitting so I'll probably update around the 25th... yeah. That's all. :D

holy matrimony

Sunday, August 19th, 2007 01:12 am
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Just got back from Dennis and Charlene's wedding. :3

It was quite nice, the actual wedding was at... St. Demetrius Church (I think), and then the reception was at the Ukrainian center (same as the bridal shower). The food was quite good, and there was an open bar! :D I wanted to try a Manhattan/Martini, but they has no sweet vermouth, and nothing at all for Martinis, not even glasses! So I just had Long Island Iced Tea. Mmmm~

I danced a couple times, yes seriously! Even a slow dance! Though it was with Aunt Barb's neighbour Mike Risk (who is also Dennis' step-dad), who I've known since I was a kid, so I don't think it really counts. Haha!

Hm... I guess that's all... mmyep. :D
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Holy monkey! it's about time I updated!

Weekend was awesome~! Here's what happened!

Was picked up from my house on saturday morning (8:30am) by Jackie, her parents, and Whitney (RIGHT?!), and drive down to the Yorkdale mall in Toronto. Took the subway to the Spadina station by Bloor, walked from the station to China town, bought a whole bunch of AWESOME stuff~ the list )

Had lunch at Kom Jug Yuen, same place as always, so gooooood~ :3 There was also some sort of Anti-Communism protest thing going on, since people in China were being persecuted for practising Falun Dafa, so I got a bunch of pamphlets from people about it, and a dvd of the 2007 Chinese New Year spectactular! I haven't watched it yet, but man! Cool! There was also a guy on the street playing an Erhu (SQUEE!), but he wasn't that good at it. I gave him some money anyway. I SUPPORT MY FELLOW ARTISTS!

It was raining while we were walking back to the station by Bloor, so we got kinda soaked, but oh well. Good times! Took the subway back, and I gave a bunch of money to a guy playing guitar in the walkway thing of the station at Yorkdale. I'M SO FREAKIN GENEROUS. He was good though. And he was like, "Thank you so much!" D'awwwwwwww! :D We got back to Barrie, and kinda sat around reading our manga, then we had dinner (it was crepe things... right?), then went and watched Millenium Actress. Yay Satoshi Kon! It was pretty good, though also slightly confusing. Read some more manga, talked a bit, watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, talked some more, read some more, then went to sleep. Watched a bit of Shaman King in the morning (episode 9 and a bit of 10), then left for Toronto again.

Wonderland! :D Jackie's brother Kevin came with us, and we got there pretty early, around 9 or 10am I think... and went on some rides, the Italian Job rollercoaster, and Whitney and Kevin went on the Minebbuster as well. We sat out of that one. XD Made out way over to the water rides and waited for those to open. When they did... man! We were SO there. Possibly the greatest rides there (White Water Canyon and Timberwolf Falls). We got SO SOAKED. My jeans were so freaking heavy from the water but who cares! Fun! :D Jackie and I did the Star Trek 'live long and prosper' signal to the one guy in the tower who controls the first geyser (since we were pretty sure it was the same guy from the last time we were there.), and he was like, '...I'll try.' He's a good guy! We kept yelling stuff at him. XD Fun fun! Went on that about three times, though they didn't let us just stay on the raft thing like last time. Oh well!

Walked around and went on a bunch more rides like Thunder Run, the Wild Beast, Spinning Cups, and... um.. what else? Haha! Brain is starting to fail me. Kevin got lost for a while so the three of us hung out and played some games, I ended up wining nothing. Haa~ We found him later, he went on The Bat, but the line for it was so long he ended up waiting that whole time that we were looking for him. XD Later on we went to a show that they were going, "Swining to the 60's"! It was pretty good, but most of the songs were fron the EARLY sixties, so it was really fifty-ish music. Oh well! Kevin skipped out on it to go on some rides, but joined us later since it has started POURING! We waited in the tent where the show was for a while until it died down, then we left and went to have lunch at Subway, since everything in the park is so expensive. Played some more games, bought a bunch of candy, Kevin and Whitney went on some rides that Jackie and I didn't... walked around for a while, then went back to Barrie. :3

Ate some pizza and ice cream sandwiches, then went and read some more manga! XD Watched The Producers later on, then Whitney went to sleep, but Jackie and I stayed up and made plans! Plans for super revival and perfection of our Shaman King OC's! Yay! Also working on creating (read: re-creating) a character for our team. Whee! Talked about that for... a couple hours, actually, then went online for a little bit. Good stuff! Went to sleep a bit after that, then got driven back to my house in the morning (around 9), by Jackie's mom. Then I went to sleep! :D

NOW! Today I went to a funeral, since Mike Rekis' mom died a couple days ago. Boo. Went to Toronto to the church on Jane St., then went to the cemetary. I don't remember/know the name of it, but it's the same one that Dedo is buried at. After the burial we (my family) went to Dedo's grave for a bit. The moths were crazy, so mom and I walked around for a bit looking at the other graves. There was a really nice one with a lotus on it. I think I'd want my grave to have something pretty like that on it. :3 There was a HUGE Chinese one, and it was like, for an entire village in Guangdong! It only had two people's names on it though, but their birthdates were in the late 1800's! Awesome! The woman (wife, I'm assuming) lived a long time too! And she looked pretty good (there were pictures of the two on the grave)! We walked around a bit more and saw a grave with red writing on it, so we went and checked it out, and majorly creepy! It was another Chinese one, and it had the man's side filled out, but the woman's side (her name and some other stuff written in Chinese), which had the red writing, her name was Winnie! That happens to be the name of Mike Rekis' wife, who is Chinese, so mom and I were kinda weirded out by that. Left the cemetary and drove to the Latvian Center, where the... whatever-its-called was bring held, and ate there. The food was really good, but the pieces of beef I got were really fatty. Ew. Hung out a bit there, and it started raining super hard again, so we waited a bit before we left. Now I'm home! I mean, I didn't just get home, but... yeah.

So that's pretty much it! You're all caught up now, yay! This was a pretty long entry! Wow! :O

Oh yeah! I got some stuff from OSAP in the mail, so tomorrow I'm going up to Georgian to hand it in or whatever. Also probably getting my picture taken for my student card, then going to the bank to change my account type. I'M SO FREAKIN BUSY!
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Went to Charlene's bridal shower today. It was at the Trident Banquet Hall in Toronto, which is like a Ukrainian... center. I don't remember the actual words. :3

Was pretty fun, played games and all that stuff. I won some stuff! :D We sat at the same table as Gwen (Charlene's godmother), and she's a great lady. Really funny. I think our table was the loudest, haha (and the only one's for Dennis' side)! Charlene got a bunch of great presents~ I got her a glass Mikasa picture frame. :D

The food was realy good too. They had those little potatoes that I love, and this really good chicken with white sauce. Mmm~

The wedding is in August sometime, so when mom and dad are on vacation we're going shopping for a dress and shoes for me. Whee!

Also, I don't think I mentioned this before but I bought two cds recently;
David Usher - Strange Birds (Awesome, awesome cd. Beautiful songs.)
The Doors - The Very Best Of (Also awesome, but it's The Doors, come on.)


Sunday, May 28th, 2006 11:12 pm
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Went to Toronto today for Kyle's birthday party with the family. We ate so much, and it was all so gooood~

Came home and played Kingdom Hearts II. Whee! There are no pictures of Fuu anywhere. I realize she is a super minor character in the game but come on! She is so COOL not to mention Meo's evil twin.
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Well, I'm at the new house now. We're almost done unpacking everything, finally. We've all been working non-stop for the last couple days, ugh. I'm actually typing this up on the laptop, because although my computer is all set up, there is no power in this floor (except in the hallway). Awful.

I'll be heading off to Toronto in a couple hours. Going to Oma's first, then going to the airport. Probably be waiting there for a few hours, but oh well. Already did all my packing, there is like, no room left. I'll be gone for a month, so that means no updates until Auguest 5. Speaking of updates, it's been a whole year since I first joined LJ! Wow!

Fweeee~! I'm so happy, I might not even be able to sleep.
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Well, I just got back from Toronto, went down to visit grandparents. Got to grandma's around 1pm, and hung out there for a couple hours. Went down to the pool (I didn't go swimming of course), then had a big dinner. Lots of meat and potatoes, yum. Although it made me kinda sick because it was some sort of weird pork/beef thing. After that (around 7pm) we went to Oma's. She had birthday presents for Kyle. Uncle Nick's dog Natasha was there, and she's a lot bigger than I remember her being (although considering her size, that's not saying too much). A bit before we left I was looking at the cars in her driveway and... oh god. There's an old Camero back there. Must be about 20 years old. It was all rusted and broken and oh man. I want to take it and fix it. Fwee~ My hands got all dirty because I was touching the engine and everything. Wow. I want it~

Watched The Empire Strikes Back earlier today, and going to watch Return of the Jedi later. Whee! Dad said that after watching those, we'll go rent The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, and then we'll all go to the theatre and see Revenge of the Sith. :D Muchos fun. Although I still want to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, rawr. I'll have to wait for that one to come out on DVD.

Edit, 12:16am
Finished watching Return of the Jedi and... wow. That was probably one of THE MOST crack-induced movies I have EVER seen. It was incredible yes, but very, very odd. It was kinda annoying, because during the whole thing, Kyle had to keep asking me what was going on. I missed some stuff because of that, and what the FUCK was with those bear things?! They remind me of furbies, and they kinda scare me. The music at the end was a lot like the music in Wild Arms too. (more specifically the Aldehyde theme. I could be wrong though.) And is it just me, or does Yoda sound a hell of a lot like Grover? ...Just asking.

Edit 2, 12:51am
YODA IS GROVER!!!!!! (and a crap load of other muppets too). It was bugging me so much I went and looked it up. Hell ya, bitches!! I KNEW it!!! *dorkasaurus* :D

[And in case you can't tell, I am not depressed anymore. Yay! Also, wow! I want to buy some of these shirts. They are so awesome. Fwee!]
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Someone buy this for me plzthx?

ARG. SO FUCKING CUTE. Fwee~ adorable. Mom promsied that she'd take me to China Town this summer when I get back from Europe, and I am SO going to buy that if I see it. I need new manga. Now. Mankin manga. I think the series is finally over, and I want to see how it ends, although I've heard bad things about it. It's eating away at my soul! I want to know!! ;_;

My room is seriously temperature challenged. It is boiling in here, but everywhere else in the house is really cold. WTF. Anyway, I finished watching Minami-kun no Koibito today and.... I am so confused. I'm gonna watch the last bit again. x_x

Uekiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. *_* So CUTE. He can turn garbage into trees. And he's a candidate to become god. How awesome is that!? I downloaded the second episode, but I haven't watched it yet. I love this series... so adorable. FWEE!

Went to Toronto to fill out papers for my visa to get into the Ukraine, and wow. This is just so cool. Oma is living next to a grow house. A FUCKING GROW HOUSE. Some new people moved in a couple weeks ago (maybe more), and they are growing marijuana in there. *dies* There were cops in front of the house and everything. Best day ever. :3 It was kinda creepy though, because if you looked out the window you could see the cops there. It felt like I was under house arrest or something. x_x But hot damn. A grow house. Wow.

[I went on gaia and updated that journal (WTF?! Come on April, stop posting over there! What is that, your sixth entry? Jesus christ. *slap*) and omg. New clothes. I want that Scot hat. So cute. Much love.]
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I'm baaack~!! Anyone miss me? *crickets chirp* Erm... yeah. Merry -belated- Christmas!! I've been so tired lately, and I don't have anything to do, so I figured I'd update. ^__^

On Christmas eve I went to Toronto to my Oma's house, we got there around 4 or 5, but since the weather was so crappy, everyone else didn't get there until a couple hours later. When everyone got there, we ate dinner... well, I only ate potatoes, cause we don't eat meat on Christmas eve, so there was only fish. And I hate fish. But that's ok. After dinner everyone sat around drinking and talking for a couple hours, then we opened presents. I got mostly money from my relatives, and Aunt Deb made me this REALLY NICE fuzzy purple scarf, and a lavender shirt with extra long sleeves... which I LOVE. (she didn't make the shirt, she bought it...) And Uncle Pete got me this awesome Japanese dinner set thing... it has like a dinner placemat-tablecoth thing, and chopsticks and everything, and 3 DVDs, Benny & Joon, When Harry Met Sally, and Mystic Pizza. Oma got me a bunch of stuff, watercolor paints, two sweaters, some oriental-style cups and pictures, a little Japanese-style doll, and a bunch of jewellery. After presents there was more drinking and talking, then we went home.

On Christmas, I got woken up at 7. Blah. So I went downstairs and we opened our stockings. I got so much candy omfg. And a set of 6 floating candles, but I don't think they're scented. Then we went to open presents. I got a new stereo and a OUIJA BOARD!! *dies of happiness*. Then nothin happened for like, 6 hours until we ate turkey, which was 33lbs. :O It didn't even fit in our regular pan. We're gonna have leftovers for weeks.

Boxing day shopping!! :D Mom took me and Kyle out to the mall for boxing day shopping. I got 9 CDs, and a door covery...thing. (you know those things with beads and stuff that you hang over your door? one of those :P), and the store I got it in (Balta) everything was half price, so I got it for $10. Score!! :D ARG. I still haven't been able to find a copy of "Appetite for Destruction". Anywhere. It's like it's been wiped off the face of the Earth or something. But I did get these Cds:

AFI - Sing the Sorrow
Green Day - American Idiot
Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby.
Tool - Aenima
Tool - Undertow
Guns N' Roses - Lies
Guns N' Roses - The Spaghetti Incident?
Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I
Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion II

Yay! Well... I think this entry is long enough... OH! Aunt Barb said she'd take me to China Town sometime over the holidays. I'm so happy. There, NOW it's long enough. Hee.
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Gather round children, and I shall tell you a tale! A tale of adventure, suspense, and... education?

That's right folks! On this very day, I woke up at 6am to go to Toronto with my parents and get a tour of the fabulous York University! (they work there) Yay! An uber-nice girl by the name of Erika gave me the grand tour! I don't know her personally, but she adopted our grey&white kitten. Anyway, she took me all over Campus, we first went to the Arts building*, where they have all the drawing, painting, sculpting, print-making, dance, and theatre courses. After that we went over to the Psychology building*, where I got a copy of the Undergraduate Supplemental Calander, and a copy of the Psychology Lecture Schedule for fall/winter of 2004 (not that it'll really help me much now, but it's nice to have a copy). After that, we went to Erika's dorm room, because she wanted to check out a listing of lectures that were doing on today, so we could sit in on them and I could get an idea of what an University lecture would be like. We got a couple lectures that were happening that day that we decided we gere gonna go check out. So we went back to the Psychology building*, because that's where one of the Lectures was. We went back in, and had to go to Lecture Hall I, and we went in and sat on the stairs about halfway up. The teacher was talking all about Pavlov's Dog, and the whole Uncontrolled/Controlled Response and Stimulus, which we had talked about yesterday in class (freaky, eh?) so I knew everything she was talking about. After that lecture was over we were gonna go to another lecture, but we couldn't do that right away, cause Erika had to go and tutor for like, an hour or something, so I went back to the kitchen in Winter's Residence where my parents were, and from there we went to York Lanes to eat lunch. We went to this awesome Japanese restaurant there called Sakura. My parents eat lunch there almost everyday, so the cooks know them really well. My parents introduced me to the cooks, and they were so nice! They gave me free Spring Rolls! :D I had Chicken Teriyaki, and I bought a box of "Choco Boy" candy. They were so yummy, they were biscuits with chocolate on them, but the chocolate part looked like a mushroom! Hee! (that explaination sucked, so here's a quick sketch of them! I drew it in paint so it's really bad.)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Yes. They kinda look like that. Very yummy, go and buy some! Right now! :D So, after lunch I met up with Erika in the kitchen about 20min. later, and we went to check out the History building*, where the next lecture was. We walked around there for a bit, I picked up another Undergraduate Supplemental Calander, and since the lecture wasn't for another half hour, we walked over to York Lanes to get some coffee and stuff. Then we walked back to the History building*, and after about 15min. the lecture was gonna start, so we went in the class and sat at the back where we wouldn't be noticed. The teacher started talking about homework that was from the previous day, and then he started reading equations! We were like, what the hell? This is a math class! So we left, and it turned out that the schedule for that time had gotten messed up, so we didn't end up sitting in on a History lecture. *sigh* The next lecture we planned on going to wasn't for a while, so Erika took me to the building of Kinesiology and Health Science*, where, yes, I picked up another USC, and we walked around there for a bit, and checked out an animal anatomy (I think) class, where they were dissecting cats! Erika tld me that it made her sad, because all the cats' looked like they were in pain. Aww. So we left that building and went back to the Arts building*, where the last lecture was, it was an Arts and Culture lecture, and there were these two guest speakers in that day from Indonesia, and they put on a Shadow Puppet Play! Lucky us! When the play was over, it was about 3:45, so we went back to the Winter's Residence kitchen, where my mom was talking to Don Greg. (he's the Don of the building... his name isn't actually "Don Greg", haha) We all talked for about 10min., then we (my parents and I) had to leave. So I got all my books, said goodbye to Erika and Greg, then we went home. Exciting, yes? Although now my fingers kibnda hurt from typing all that up. *sigh*

* All of these building have names, I just can't remember what they are. >__>

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