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Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 01:13 am
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Almost done housesitting~

I got bored and curled my hair thursday, turned out quite good! It's still fairly curly, but I think by the time I go home sunday they'll be totally out. Maybe not, but it seems to be going that way.

Anyway. Finished the dvds and stuff I brought, and mostly all of the food too, it worked out nicely. I'll have a few things to bring back, but not much.

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011 11:11 pm
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Bought this new shampoo & conditioner, Nexxus brand. I usually use Herbal Essences, but they'd run out so I thought I'd try something new. It's pretty nice! When I first used it I thought it was vanilla (which I love), but it's actually coconut! Wow! It smells so nice, like seriously awesome. While I was using it my hair felt really smooth too.

Kind of expensive though, but if the results are good I guess I'll stick with it anyway.

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Monday, July 11th, 2011 04:00 pm
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I had a wonderful dream where everyone had sideburns!

Well, not everyone, just the dudes. Still the best!

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Sunday, May 15th, 2011 11:23 pm
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Survivor finale! I haven't talked about this season much. Not since Russell got voted off? I can't remember. XD

ANYWAY. Rob won, I figured he would. The next season looks pretty good too, they're bringing back the redemption island part, which is awesome. But man! The reunion! I can't believe Matt and Grant, they both cut their hair so freaking short! Ugh!

Yeah, so I guess that's all. BB is starting again in July (I think?), so I'm looking forward to that.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 04:01 am
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So, I've been kinda sick lately! Not like with a flu or anything, but just whenever I eat anything it seriously upsets my stomach. Well, not... not really anything, actually, it's more like... anything substantial. D:

Anyway, besides that everything's good. A little bored... I kind of feel like cutting my hair and dyeing it. I probably won't though. XD But yeah, been working on some good art and everything's good. Can't complain.

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Friday, March 4th, 2011 10:52 pm
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Just finished watching The Time Traveller's Wife, which was like the most nothing movie ever. So dull.

Also! Guy in the movie had the worst sideburns EVER. What the hell man seriously.

Also Also! I've got a pretty wicked headache.

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Saturday, February 12th, 2011 07:42 am
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So, last night was my last night at work! Was pretty good, also got paid~

Jenn told me (yesterday) that I have a dirty giggle. She later clarified that it was devilish. HAHA

Anyway. There was a new tv in the lunch room. We watched Hot Fuzz during the breaks~ Nate gave me a Lindt chocolate (so good).

Also! What the hell that was the strangest hair comment I've ever recieved, ever!

Also Also! Got a huge bruise on my arm! How? I don't know!

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 12:45 am
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SO. I'm searching around a bit, clicking links and doing whatever as usual, and I find myself at the Wiki page for The Walking Dead.

Is it weird that I kinda want to read that just because of the main guy's facial hair? I mean... it's only the one picture, and maybe he's only like that for a short amount of time, but. OMIGOD, YOU GUYS. IT'S PRETTY AWESOME.

Also, since I am the type to buy books based purely on cover images, maybe this is really not so out there (but story-wise it actually sounds pretty interesting, so yeah).

EDIT // 1:02

Ok so I found it online to read, and oh man, went through the first chapter and it's kind of whatever! But the art is nice and the facial expressions are pretty fantastic! But the main guy, holy jeez! Does he get manlier? Because I'm not too into a lead who cries alot. CHRIST, MAN. SERIOUSLY.

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Saturday, January 1st, 2011 10:15 pm
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Cut my bangs, but took a little too much off! Kinda lame!

Also, going to East Gwillimbury tomorrow to see Black Swan! I'm pretty excited!

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Saturday, November 13th, 2010 09:06 am
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Got off work way late because whatever, not gonna go all into it.

On the drive in I saw a guy on a bike, he had the most amazing sideburns.

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 09:13 am
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OMIGOD LOLOLOLOLOL. I would so buy that. Holy crap. XD

Anyway, yeah. Work's going good, I need to buy a new hair tie though. The elastic stretched out on my current one and my hair keeps falling out of it. Ehh.
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So, another week of work has started. The people there amuse me. Whenever it gets close to leaving time they all start working faster, as if the clock will magically speed up just because they do. XD

Bought a bunch of markers and two new sketchbooks from Curry's the other day, but I need to go back again soon. I didn't end up getting one of the colors I actually wanted, and they were all out of black. Mine is ok for now, but it'll be running out soon.

Um... I guess that's all. Oh! Mom bought a new shampoo for me to try, one of the new Herbal Essences; "long term relationship", for long hair. It's supposed to smell like raspberries, which out of the bottle it doesn't, but when I was actually using it, all I could smell was old lady. It was horrible. D:
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Started playing FFIV again, whee! It's so much fun. :3 And I never realized before, but Cid's airship is called 'the Enterprise'! I got a good five-minute chuckle out of that today. XD

Been looking around absently, and there are not enough icons of Seven. I would make my own, but I kinda suck at it. XD Oh well.

I'm getting into that new show that's been out on MMM, Don't Forget the Lyrics! It's fun singing along, even though usually I don't know some of the songs at all. XD They keep playing reruns though, even though they've shown previews with people I've never seen. Ehhhh~ I want new episodes, Wayne Brady! D<

Um... I guess that's it. I need to cut my bangs. Jeez!
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Ok, so everything that was previously planned is in shambles. D:

My registration date for Georgian changed from this morning to the 29th of August, and I was freaking out because I was like... WHAT? Cause on the banner thing it said late registration. So after re-signing in and checking the page like, 10 times, I called Georgian to ask about it, and she said it's because I paid for registration or whatever after June 22. Ok.

BUT! Now, since my registration date has been changed, I needed to change the date for my OSAP appointment to sometime after the 29. I just called the financial aid office now, and it's been changed to the 31. At the same time! So I was happy with that. But this caused me so much stress! YAY COLLEGE! D:

Also; downloaded a Ghibli movie, called I Can Hear the Waves, though on the subtitles it's Ocean Waves, but whatever. It's very cute and different from most Ghibli movies. No magical things! It's just a simple love story with high schoolers. Very cute, I loved it~ :3

Now this... is pretty much the most awesome thing that's ever happened. Ok, since I got my bangs trimmed they've been sticking up, since the hairdresser fluffed them with that little razor thing. So... the other day I was watching Big Brother with mom and dad, and during a commercial we were talking about something. All of a sudden, mom points at my head and says, "Haha! You've got shark hair!" And she starts laughing, cause one chunk of my bangs was sticking up, like a shark fin. XD Isn't that awesome? Ok, maybe just to me it is. SHARK FIN!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Small side note: even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this... if anyone has an mp3 of "Objects Of My Affection" by Peter Bjorn and John, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME. I have been looking everywhere, it's as if it never even existed. IT'S JUST "YOUNG FOLKS"! GOD! So, yeah. Please? :D
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Watched Blood Diamond last night. Eh. It really didn't have to be three hours.

I found it kinda boring. I'd probably like it better if it were 2 hours long, but eh. Never know. It was kinda just one giant sob story to me (though, like any sad movie, it had many parts that made me laugh).

Bangs are settling a bit, though I have to keep the one side clipped for a bit, because when I woke up it was all weird and sticking out. :/

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Saturday, May 5th, 2007 11:19 am
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So, I got my hair cut. I have bangs! :D

I basically just got a trim and bangs done, but she also did layers because a have a lot of dead ends or something~ so yeah. It's all good now.

For some reason my stomach really hurts. It's all knotty and I thought it was because I was hungry but I ate and it's still the same so... I dunno.
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Going to get my hair dyed tonight. I think it's gonna turn out really good, and I'm gonna talk to Michelle, and depending on what she thinks, I might get bangs. I dunno.

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2006 04:02 pm
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I haven't gotten a call back for my resume, so I guess I didn't get the job, but that's ok, because I'm going to get my hair dyed!

I'm getting it done on thursday at 5:45. It's gonna be so awesome!! :D
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I got a bunch of compliments on my hair today... even though it's THE SAME AS ALWAYS. What-ever.

I watched The Great Mouse Detective yesterday. And today. I love that movie. Ah, and Vincent Price makes it just that much better. I'm surprised the tape is still in such good condition, since its like, 20 years old! Holy cow. I am SO gonna draw pictures of Basil.

Going to the mall later in the week, I need to get some candles and other things. I hopefully will be able to get a new winter coat as well. Mine is awful.

Ohhh, it's raining! I hope it stops before tomorrow morning... rawr. Oh! I finally changed my msn name! Whoo! Took forever.
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Whee. Going shopping later tonight, going to get a cd (not sure which yet), and a pack of pens, because mine are all dead. I've been writing with green ink, and well... ya. GREEN.

Started packing up my room last night, its so empty. Feels weird. The walls and shelves are completely bare, it's slightly depressing.

My hair is fading out horribly. Its going back to its original brownish/blonde colour. Whee. I want to re-dye it, but I have no money, and mom says I can't get it redone until I get a job. Blah. Don't know if I'll even bother dying it again though. Too annoying to manage it.

Now, time for some good stuff... PICTURES!

I love this one. Look at him jump! That's the type of picture I would adjust and make into a wallpaper. It's almost as good as this one. HA! Beautiful.

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