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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 12:37 am
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So, uh, might end up going back to school. Not that I particularly want to, I'm more or less getting forced into it (again). I won't take art again though, I'll probably just take some kind of language course. Fingers crossed that I can take Russian, but if not, most likely German.

Also! Shaved my legs, and they are so freaking smooth! I CAN'T STOP TOUCHING THEM LOL~


Monday, April 14th, 2008 08:03 pm
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Apparently, school is over at the end of this week. For me, it ended about a month ago, but hey.

Also, my birthday is in about a week. Is it weird that I'm NOT totally excited about this? Eh...

I guess that's all. I don't even know what I'm going to do once I turn 20.

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Thursday, March 27th, 2008 10:57 pm
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I was super bored, so I made some icons. Yay! :D

Follow the leader... )

LOL #9 seems so out of place.

Anyway... got a letter from OSAP or whatever for payment if I'm not going back to school, which obviously I'm not, so all the money I have/will be getting will count towards that. Blah.
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Hahaha! Has anyone else seen the new Kalan Porter video? The 'Hurray' one?? XD Omigod I totally love it. Intense scrabble battle, haha!! XD

Um... nothing much else going on. School starts again on monday, blarg. I have to do a presentation on monday too, for art history, but the painting I'm doing it on has like... no information. XD Oh well. It only has to be 5-7 minutes anyway.

Pokecard!! :D

There're all my cute male FireRed pokemon. XD I think on my birthday I'm just going to buy a DS and pokemon Diamond/Pearl. I'm sure I'll get used to that double screen eventually.

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 10:34 pm
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Blah... so bored. School is alright, but soooo boooooooooring! Ugh!

I have this weird rash on my left eyelid, and it's really annoying. I've actually had it for a while (couple weeks maybe) but it hasn't really been a bother. Mom said it's probably just eczema or something. Arg, it's so annoying! I can't stop scratching at it! D:

Been listening to Gyaruru a lot, and omigod seriously. The world needs more of them. Right now. ♥ The para-para dance for  looks like so much fun, doesn't it? Every time the song comes on itunes I can't help but dance along with the parts I remember. XD

Oh man, the stuff from this website is just so cute! :3
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So, the torrent for Battle Royale finished, and OMIGOD SLSHKGLAKSHGAKL LOVE IT.

I've been following the manga for 4 volumes now, and it's pretty similar with only a couple little changes, MY FAVOURITE BEING KIRIYAMA. :D Masanobu Andou is so cute!! And I like Kiriyama much better with the messy movie hair, rather than the creepy slicked-back manga hair. XD He never talked though! And the part with the fire... omigod I nearly died of laughter when he walked out ahahaomigodyes.

I kinda pictured Shuya differently, but Tatsuya Fujiwara was good as him. :3

I wish they'd kept some parts in, like the whole Toshinori/Hirono/well thing. I enjoyed that part in the manga. Also the part with Kaori that kinda goes along with that. And (to an extent) Sho Tsukioka!! XD He was kinda scary, but so amusing! But... oh well. D: I need to continue with the manga to see if the ending is the same, since some stuff was changed, but it's probably the same. Hee~! :DDDD *spaz.*

I'm currently downloading the sequel, though I think it may take a while. Oh well! I'll also have to go find a torrent for Sakuran, since Masanobu is in it along with Anna Tsuchiya!! *dies*

Aaaand... hm. I guess that's it. School's ok, and I haven't touched my layout in about a week. XD
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So, finally looked up my schedule for this semester. XD Here's how it goes:

Life Drawing 9am - 11:50am
Introduction to Western Art (History) 1pm - 3:50pm

Interior Design Studio 10am - 12:50pm
Drawing From Your Imagination 2pm - 4:50pm

Jewellery Studio 9am - 11:50am
Fine Art Studio: 3D 1pm - 3:50pm

I get wednesday and thursdays off! Yay! :D But mom's all like "eeeeeh! you need a job! get a part-time job for those days!" BOO!

Anyway~ I also have to re-set my appointment for OSAP, since it's set for tomorrow at 2:40, but I have class then so... yeah. Ugh. Hopeful I'll just be able to do it during the time I have no class...

damn it

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 10:03 pm
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Sooooooo... I had a German "oral" exam today, or at least I thought I did. I went up to the school at my scheduled time, went to the room, and there was nobody there. I mean the lights were off and everything! So I figure, okay, it's the other room (we're in one room tuesday, and another on thursday). I go to that one, and there's another class in there. So I'm like, what the hell, and I left after waiting around for about an hour, walking back and forth between the two rooms.

I'm hoping now that, for some reason, it wasn't in a totally different room. I'm not too worried though, since all my marks in that class are high enough for me to pass without taking it. And I really studied for it too! Arg!

Anyway... I've been reading a bunch of SasuSaku fics recently, and it's making want to get back into Naruto. XD I also kinda don't, since I left off (anime) at around episode 50, and (manga) chapter... 36-ish. Haaa~ Maybe next time I'm in China Town I'll just pick up some volumes and start from there. XD

i have a goal!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 10:54 pm
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I have officially decided to go on a diet, and I will not waver! :D

Since I'm going to be away house-sitting in Toronto for the Christmas break, I figure that's the perfect time to get things done, or at least started! XD I'll be alone, I won't have to worry about going out for food/eating bad things since I'll have total control, and it'll just be awesome! Plus I'll be away from my crazy family! I'm excited! :D

In other news... well, I guess that's all. Oh! During Jeopardy today, Kyle got a Star Trek question right before me, and I got a math question right before him! WTF is this, Bizarro World?!*

I have a German exam (written) tomorrow, but I'm pretty confident. It's basically a summary of all the quizzes we've done, and I've kicked ass on them! But of course I've been studying, since I'm paranoid and I will forget everything if I don't. XD

Also! I cleaned my room the other day, and I have a Star Trek book! XD The weird thing is, I don't remember ever buying it, so I have NO IDEA how long I've had this for. Haha!

* It must be, since I'm using a Superman ref HAHAHA
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Today, the brick house that is my pride recieved a destructive blow from the wolf I like to call, public speaking.

I'm not good at public speaking, I never have been, and I don't enjoy it. So, naturally, today, I had to do not one, but two presentations. They were horrible. Well, the second (for German) wasn't so bad, since I didn't have to worry about memorizing or making eye contact, only pronunciation, but of course I have to go and stutter and make an ass out of myself by saying I was "neunzig" rather than "neunzehn".

I still have another one to do, a second for college comm., except this one has to be 10 minutes long rather than 5... or the possible two I managed to spit out.

Ugh. I would rather die than have to speak in front of people. I'm not brave, I'm not secure, and I'm fully aware of these things and more. I don't need a room full of people judging me and reminding me of this, and if anyone says that "nobody's judging you" while you speak, they're lying. People ARE judging you, they do it gladly. I try as hard as possible to not give judgement, since I hate recieving it, but it's unstoppable.

lol psychic powers

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 09:45 pm
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OMIGOD the weirdest thing just happened! Ok, so I was sitting in the bath, and some songs from the South Park "Helen Keller! The Musical" just randomly popped into my head, and guess what. I come out and turn on the tv, AND THAT'S THE EPISODE THAT'S ON RIGHT NOW. XD

Other than that... school's been going alright, I suppose. Certain problems here and there but, eh.

Been playing The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for the Wii like... nonstop. XD It's such a fun game, and it's totally making me miss Star Trek. XD I'm a Capo though, and I think I'm going to be promoted to Underboss soon, though I already control basically all of New York. XD LOVE IT~

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Saturday, October 13th, 2007 02:39 am
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Forgot to update about this earlier, but I got 94% on my second German quiz. Yay! :D

Been reading the Pita Ten manga I bought, and omigod. This manga is like... super extremely cute to the max. XD It's so lovely. Three more volumes and I have them all!

Um... I guess that's all. Oh! When I bought the CDs from Sunrise, I got a free CD with it! It's Arts & Crafts Sampler, vol. 4. I haven't listened to it yet, but it's got some neat artists on it! :D

I think I might be getting a cold or something... my head's been hurting a lot lately and I've been kinda stuffed up. My back hurts too but I think that's a seperate thing.

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Thursday, October 4th, 2007 09:58 am
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German quiz #2 today!

I know I got at least 3 things wrong for sure (plural of house and father, translating "What are we doing to do?" into German), but other than that, I think I did pretty well!

Have my next class at 3, and I seriously don't want to go... but I kinda have to. Bleh. These art classes are getting so annoying.

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Thursday, September 27th, 2007 10:15 am
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So, got my German quiz back... I got 79%. Pretty good. Asked the teacher about the word 'los', and she looked at me like I was speaking another language (you know... besides English and German). Because in the book we're doing reading studies or whatever, and one of the sentences is "Was ist los?", which means "What's the matter?", accoring to the book. But I thought los that like 'less' when you add it to the end of a word. Apparently not. Whatever.

My legs are KILLING me. There's this weird like... muscle pain in my calves and I have no idea how I hurt them but yeah. Walking and even standing is painful. So... not going to color & design today. Plus I'm incredibly tired. Meh.

EDIT, 2:39pm
Ok, just woke up a couple minutes ago from a nap. I had the WEIRDEST dream. Seriously, I think this tops them all.

Ok, I'm going to school with this girl (not sure who), and the class is like set up in this orchestra-type theatre, but it's kinda of in-ground, like a pool. There's a little ladder on the side to get in/out. So we're in class, and the teacher is doing attendance (there's like 300 students, mind you), and we start doodling and talking about random stuff. About half an hour goes by and we still haven't been called for attendance, so I go out for a bit.

I leave the school and I'm walking down the street, and I end up at this really nice looking house with fancy shrubs and stuff in front. I knock on the door, and Matt (old friend of mine) opens the door, and I'm like "Hey Matt, I'm so bored. I need some drugs." So he's like, ok, and lets me in. I explain that's it's not really my thing anyway, so I just want some light stuff. He opens his cloest and takes out these bags and shoeboxes full of drugs, but they all look like candy and mini Christmas lights. I take a bunch of them, pay, and leave.

While I'm walking back to the school I run into Heidi, and she's carrying this big weird shaped bag. She stops me and asks if I want to donate to get phones. I say sure, why not, even though I don't need a phone, I'll donate. She tells me that I get a phone no matter what, I have no choice. So I'm like, whatever, and she opens her bag and takes out this bowl full of water. I go into my pocket to get money, and some of the drugs fall out! I get most of them but she picks one up and eats it, and she's like "Yum, cherry candy!" I put the drugs back into my pocket and take out some money, and drop it into the water. The money dissolves and she says thank you, puts the bowl back into her bag, and leaves.

I get back to the school and go to my class, but instead of the girl there, it's Jen! She's drinking and there's chips and stuff all over our desks, and she turns to me and is calling to me to come down and party with her and bring the drugs. The teacher doesn't seem to notice/hear her, and neither do the students, so I start climbing down the ladder, but she gets up, stumbles around, then holds her mouth and yells at me to get off the ladder. She runs towards the ladder, and I climb up, sitting on this little platform thing that separates the levels, and she stays down in the class, yelling about random stuff.

Then I woke up. LOL.

straw becomes gold

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 08:19 pm
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Whoo! Update time! :D

Classes been going pretty good so far... I have a personal essay due next week (BOO!) and a point-form... thingy due for German tomorrow, just notes from a video we watched (YAY!). Will probably be getting my quiz back as well.

Been playing Super Mario Bros. with Kyle on the Wii a lot lately, and listening to Rammstein while we do! It's quite fun. We had it playing while mom and dad were home yesterday making dinner, and I think mom was enjoying it a bit! I SAW YOU NODDING YOUR HEAD TO 'ENGEL', MOM, DON'T DENY IT! XD Anyway~ 'Bestrafe mich' came on and mom was listening to it, and she made this weird face. Here's the conversation we had after about a minute.

Mom: Is he saying Straße mich?
Me: No, Bestrafe.
Mom: *laughs* Oh, ok. I was thinking, why does he keep saying street me?


Oh mom.

Started reading another book... it's called The Skull Mantra. Pretty interesting, it's about Buddhists and murder and stuff in Tibet. They mentioned Sichuan/Chengdu, so Meo was happy about that. XD

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007 09:57 am
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Back from German, has a quiz today. It was pretty easy. :D

I actually... this is kinda weird... I had a dream in German last night. I'm pretty sure it was because I was writing notes before I went to sleep, and I accidentally wrote that Tafel was 'table', instead of blackboard. XD

So, I'm in this room with two women sitting around a table, and all of a sudden she starts hitting the table and yelling "Dies ist die Tafel! Die Tafel!" And I'm thinking, no it's not! And I went to tell it that it wasn't, but I couldn't say anything, and she kept yelling the same thing over and over. XD

Anyway... have my next class in a couple hours at 3, bleh. I so don't want to go. Stupid color wheels are due and I didn't do them. I hate color wheels. FUCK COLOR WHEELS.

Eh, I guess that's all... mmyep. Oh yeah! BB8 Finale was good! Dick won! Yay! We were able to guess who votes for who, it was pretty obvious. I knew as soon as Zach's questions to the two were over that he was voting for Dick. See that big smile on his face?! Oh yeah!

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Monday, September 10th, 2007 04:40 pm
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So, as of today, I have been to all of my classes.

They're all pretty good, though not necessarily things I'm totally interested in/will be good at/will ever be doing again. Yeah.

I'm a bit too... logical for the kind of art is involved in the ideas & imagery, color & design, and design fundamentals classes, I have the same teacher for the 'design' classes and I find her very annoying, and in fundamentals of drawing, we're mostly going to be using [woodless] pencils, conti, and charcoal, which I'm not really comfortable with. Eh. But it's kinda weird (or maybe not), all the students are the same in the art classes. I mean, the same people are in all of them. Yeah.

German and College Comm. are the only ones I don't really have any problems with, haha! But all of the art classes this semester are the required ones, so hopefully next semester will be better.

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Friday, August 31st, 2007 01:16 pm
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So, just got back from Georgian, got all my books and stuff.

The Fundamental art kit (for Design Fundamentals) is HUGE! It's a 3-piece deal, like a folder thing, a tackle-box full of stuff, and this other big folder thing. It's so damn heavy! AND I HAD TO CARRY IT EVERYWHERE! My hands still hurt. I didn't even bother looking around for the art building for orientation on the 4th, so I'll have to go in early that day. Bah.

Switched my gen. ed course, cause the options they gave me online were crap. I'm taking 'German Language and Culture'! :D But her name is Susy Stewart. Lol what? AND! Get this, my College Communications instructor is David Schwalm. Why does this matter? HE WAS MY SUMMER SCHOOL TEAHCER FOR ENGLISH. XD Haa~

I guess that's all. Oh, I also got my student card (I look idiotic), and my buspass for september. Yay!

say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 09:14 am
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So, picked all my courses for Georgian. I'm *offically* registered.

Here's what I have, descriptions are under each cut. Yay!

Ideas and Imagery )

Design Fundamentals )

Color & Design )

Fundamentals of Drawing )

College Communications )

Wheeee. I think I might have to change my gen.ed course though... I'm not sure, but I'm going up on friday for OSAP so I'll just ask someone when I'm there. Eh.

The site didn't have anything for the optional courses, OR the art history, so I guess I pick those next semester? I dunno...

I'm going back to sleep.
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Ok, so everything that was previously planned is in shambles. D:

My registration date for Georgian changed from this morning to the 29th of August, and I was freaking out because I was like... WHAT? Cause on the banner thing it said late registration. So after re-signing in and checking the page like, 10 times, I called Georgian to ask about it, and she said it's because I paid for registration or whatever after June 22. Ok.

BUT! Now, since my registration date has been changed, I needed to change the date for my OSAP appointment to sometime after the 29. I just called the financial aid office now, and it's been changed to the 31. At the same time! So I was happy with that. But this caused me so much stress! YAY COLLEGE! D:

Also; downloaded a Ghibli movie, called I Can Hear the Waves, though on the subtitles it's Ocean Waves, but whatever. It's very cute and different from most Ghibli movies. No magical things! It's just a simple love story with high schoolers. Very cute, I loved it~ :3

Now this... is pretty much the most awesome thing that's ever happened. Ok, since I got my bangs trimmed they've been sticking up, since the hairdresser fluffed them with that little razor thing. So... the other day I was watching Big Brother with mom and dad, and during a commercial we were talking about something. All of a sudden, mom points at my head and says, "Haha! You've got shark hair!" And she starts laughing, cause one chunk of my bangs was sticking up, like a shark fin. XD Isn't that awesome? Ok, maybe just to me it is. SHARK FIN!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Small side note: even though I'm pretty sure no one reads this... if anyone has an mp3 of "Objects Of My Affection" by Peter Bjorn and John, PLEASE SEND IT TO ME. I have been looking everywhere, it's as if it never even existed. IT'S JUST "YOUNG FOLKS"! GOD! So, yeah. Please? :D

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