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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006 09:52 am
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So, Verena's party. It started awesome, ended to be a total bummer. It's a good thing I have good alcohol tolerance, or no one would know what happened that night. (and believe me, I remember EVERYTHING)

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So that's pretty much it. I think everything will work out though.
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Some took my cake of words!! Ok, I'll explain. Near the office there's this bulletin board full of college stuff and all that, and there's this one for chefs or something, and it's these two chefs holding a cake made out of words!! Its the most awesome poster EVER, and I was gonna take it, but during lunch we walked past and IT WAS GONE!! Someone beat me to it! Can you believe that?! Outrageous. So we (Jen, Verena and me) went up to Jenni's class and we talked to her and told her all about it, and Jenni's talking about how there's probably cameras there and the office took it down cause they heard me talking about stealing it, and then all a sudden, like out of nowhere, Mrs Guinion walks beside Jenni and she's like "So do you have visitors?" So Jen kinda screams, and then we all kinda freak out apologize and run down the hall. Jen talked to Jenni later on, and she said that Guinion was giving her kinda dirty looks for the rest of class, and during 4th she was giving Jen and me weird looks too!

I bet everyone thinks we're crazy or high or something, but it was so hilarious. Happy Friday the 13th!! :D
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Ok. Have I got something to tell.

So in religion, we watched this movie about Dorothy Day called Entertaining Angels, and oh my GOD. There's this one scene where Dorothy and this other guy (Paul I think) were walking through this dirty alley way, and the camera is showing all these homeless people and all this depressing serious stuff and all of a sudden, this kid with no calves just comes out of nowhere and starts running across the screen on all fours. Man, I was biting my lip so hard and trying not to laugh. And plus there's a bunch of those Holocaust suitcase projects from the World Religion class right there, so it kinda feels like I'm sitting next to Hitler.

Oh wow, I am SO going to Hell.

And, on that note, during shopping today I bought some packs of Devil's Food Cake, and as some of you might recall, I had a certain dream about baking cakes with a certain someone. SPOOKY.

Oh! Am I the only one who gets Knight Rider vibes when listening to Melanie Durrant's version of "Bang Bang"? I mean come on. Seriously. Anyone who watches Knight Rider will get it. Hopefully. Maybe I'm just crazy.
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Heeeeeeey everyone! Since I haven't been updating, I decided to update some pictures! For reals! Most of them are kinda old though... I don't think there's any past hallowe'en. Ah well. Also, the pictures might be kinda big, even though I did shrink them quite a bit. Good enough!

Since no one has really seen him yet, here's Dakota. This was a bit after when we first got him, so he's about 4/5 months. Isn't he cute!? He totally loved the camera.

We went up to the cottage, and Dakota had fun playing around in the water, chasing sticks and things. Although every single time, he would come out and shake dry, then jump right back in the water. Hilarious.

Aaaaaaaaand... here's my house!! Tada! Isn't it amazing? We still have no numbers, haha. It's a mystery house, whoooooo~ This is the jack-o'-lantern we did for hallowe'en. I designed and carved it. Didn't scoop it out, I hate doing that. It looked kinda weird when I took the pic of it with the lights off though...

Later that night I was watching The Ring with Kyle, and he was like, "Do an impression of Samara!" So I did. SPOOOOOOOKY. He said it would look better if my hair was darker, and it probably would. It was fun anyway. He also said I looked particularly creepy with my eye sideways.

"You look like a demon or something."

Whee! I might do some more recent pictures sometime... maybe around Christmas. Yay!

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Saturday, November 26th, 2005 12:02 am
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Well, just got back from the movies, that's right folks! Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Best. Movie. EVER. I am SO buying it when it comes out on dvd.

We got there 2 hours early to make sure we got tickets, I got one for the 8:00 showing, but by the time everyone else showed up it was sold out, so I traded my ticket in for the one at 9:00. We hung around the front for a while, then went up to sit in line. We were the first ones there OH YEAH. We played cards while we waited. There was an old couple beside us and they kept laughing at us. They were still laughing when we went inside to sit down. Jeez. We kept freaking out and giggling during the movie and the people beside us were getting really mad! She kept giving Jen and me evil looks. Jen nearly screamed at the scene when Harry was in the bath! And I kept fawning over Ron in his super-hot Yule Ball robes. HE'S SO HOT. I just love him. Neville looked pretty cute too. Yeah. Anyway.

I absolutely loved the movie. Best of the four, definately.

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Friday, October 21st, 2005 11:50 pm
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Whoo! Danielle's party was so awesome.

We danced and did karaoke and limboed and everything! I'm the limbo champion, muwahaha! We also played air hockey and took a bunch of pictures and stuff. We had this really yummy chocolate cake and ice cream, and snacked on chips and pretzels and cheetos things. It was so much fun. Danielle got a bunch of cool presents from everyone. By the time everyone was leaving we got kinda blah and got into talk about diets and such. Danielle and I reminisced about the good old days of grade 4 when we were thinner. I used to be so skinny. I miss that. I remember I reached about age 13 and I just exploded like a balloon. Ah well.

Good times!

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Sunday, September 25th, 2005 03:30 am
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"Heron was bitten on the arm and thigh and his surfboard was chomped in two by a four-meter shark but fought the shark off by kicking and punching it". Haha. Awesome.

Anyway... been mostly lying around doing nothing for the past few days. As opposed to working on fixing the scanner, I just haven't been working on drawing. Blah. Mom made caramel apples today, they were pretty good, but turned out kinda weird because we had to use Splenda rather than actual sugar.

Searching around aimlessly, found the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie. Looks good. And, oh my god dude seriously, Ron's hair? GAH. Please excuse me as I smash my head on the desk with joy.

Dad and me bought LIGHTSABERS from Shoppers Drug Mart for about $10 each, and I also got a Pez dispenser with General Grievous on it. Expect some pictures soon.

Rented a couple more movies; Crash, The Longest Yard, and Team America (again). I loved The Longest Yard, and not just because Adam Sandler = excellent. Crash was very, very well made. Going to be searching around for To Kill a Clown. Fwee.

Hey now now

Saturday, August 6th, 2005 03:11 pm
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I'm back! Yayz! This is probably going to be the longest entry of mine, EVER. Naturally, it's going under a cut so all you uninterested people can just skip over it. Hurrah. I don't think anyone would actually read this whole thing anyway; I might not even do it. It's just nice to have it here. :D

I might add pictures and stuff in here later, not sure.

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So, now you're all pretty much up to date. Oh! My room is totally purple!! Squee! And I'm going to China Town on thursday, with $320 in tow! Oh joy! Oh rapture!!

And dude! Duuuude! I totally passed two of my courses!! Levely, the super-nice awesome guy he is, gave me a 50. Joy! The only reason I can think why I passed religion is my exam mark, I know I did really good on it. I failed math and geography, but that's ok. I already knew I was going to fail math, and the geo teach is a total bitch. I'm so glad she's not gonna be there next year (if she is I'm gonna stab someone... or at least start some voodoo, hehe).

Oh... also, Zoro died. He died a couple days after I left. Something inside him ruptured or something and he was internally bleeding. I can't believe this happened again. Fuck.

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005 01:08 pm
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Whoo, yesterday was a good day. Around 7pm Tiffany came over with none other than... Mike. Wow! He's very tall now. Awkwardly tall. I actually have to look up to talk to him. Arg. Anyway. They came in and talked for a bit, then we walked over to Tiffany's house. We stopped at some other places for people but they weren't home. We got to Tiff's house, and she called Sam to see if she was there, but she wasn't. So we just stayed there. We played some boggle on her computer, then went upstairs for dinner. French fries. Yum. We watched a movie on tv, City of Joy I think. Kinda weird. A real chick-flick. After that we watched a bit of Legend of Bagger Vance, because Mike was praising it. It sucked. Hard. So after talking to Tiff's step-dad about movies and stuff, he put on this animated one called Heavy Metal (the ORIGINAL, not Heavy Metal 2000). It was good. Very good music in it. It was pretty late after that, so I got a ride home. Got home at about 1am. Whee. It was fun. I was so tired though, so just about as soon as I got home I crashed. I wouldn't mind doing something like that again.

...I have Pocky. FWEEE~

Edit; 6:50pm
Whee! Aunt Barb came over and took Kyle and I to the movies. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It was quite good, but something kind of annoyed me. You know that scene they showed in the previews of him riding the tricycle and shooting that huge-ass gun? IT DOESN'T EXIST. I was watching so intently, waiting for that scene, and it never happened. Rawr. Maybe it's a deleted scene? It was still good though. And! Oh my god! Angelina Jolie hit Adam Brody in the face. With a PHONE. That was awesome.

Well, now I've got to study for tomorrow's exam. Although, it's kind of hard to study for math. Mostly formulas and such. I hate math. Oh! And I have to talk to the people in the office about my report card, because I'm fairly sure they mail it out, so I'll have to give them my new address so we get it. So much work. I'm going to go insane.
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Feeling artistic today, might do some drawings.

And good times were had by all )

Was rolling my small change the other day so I could get it changed into large bills, and it turns out I had $105. Save your pennies people! It pays off in the end!!
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You Are Whiskey

You're a tough drinker, and you take it like a man
That means no girly drinks for you - even if you are a girl
You prefer a cold, hard drink at the end of the day
Every day, in fact. And make that a few.

Whee! If I change one of my answers I get Absinthe. Yum. But wasn't Absinthe outlawed because it was so toxic, and it made people go BLIND?! Or is it not in Canada? It is practically everywhere else...

Holy shit did it ever rain. There was lots of thunder and lightning, and the power went out in the school. It didn't start raining until about 10 minutes after school was over, and lightning hit a telephone pole! Whoo! It was at that moment I decided not to walk home right away. So I just sat on the bench outside, did some drawing, and talked to Sam a bit. I was just going to wait until it stopped, but then people started talking about how it was supposed to last all day. Rawr. I waited around anyway though. Drew some more, then I talked with this guy who was sitting next to me on the bench. I think he was in grade 10... anyway. We ended up getting a drive home from a teacher (don't remember which one), because we lived sorta around the same area. It was raining so much the streets were flooding a little bit. When I got home, I ran up stairs and got my camera, and took some pictures. They didn't turn out too well with the rain though. Oh well. All the power was out in the house, so I slapped on my headphones and listened to my Gorillaz cd. I ended up falling asleep though, and got woken up at around 6 for dinner. Didn't end up eating too much.

Verena and I started planning our Star Wars day during third. We're thinking about doing it one day after exams, she'd come to my house and we'd watch The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, then when my parents got home they could drive us to the theatre and see Revenge of the Sith. Then maybe I can ask about that poster! Yes!

*dies* This picture is so awesome. This one too, it's so pretty!

PP UPDATE: beige shorts
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Ok, so yesterday I had a religion retreat, went to a couple temples and such. First we went to the Hindu temple, where this guy told us about all the gods and such in Hinduism. He had the coolest pants. It smelled really nice in there too. I wonder what incense they were using... Anyway! After that we went to the Buddhist temple and WOW. It was so pretty. I wish I had a camera so I could take pictures, although I'm not sure if I could've anyway. There were swastikas EVERYWHERE. Because they are actually symbolic of peace, when it's not crooked. Hm. Well, next we went to the Hillcrest Mall for lunch, I got this chicken teriyaki thing. It was good, but there were too many mushrooms in it. We only got about half an hour for lunch so we had to hurry back to the bus and go to the next place, an Islamic mosque. It was the last place. There were these two women who showed us around, it smelled nice in there too. After they were done with everything they gave us free apple juice. Yay. And..... I think that's about all that happened yesterday.

Had an interesting conversation during dinner today. Tonight was just a free-for-all, meaning everyone just cooks what they want to eat for themselves; I had Irish stew with rice and boiled potatoes. Mom and I had this very weird discussion about 'relationships' and stuff:

Mom: You should marry an Irish guy.
Me: What? Why?
Mom: So you can eat potatoes and drink together.
Me: Uh, ok... Why don't I just marry a German guy then?
Mom: Because I don't want you to marry a nazi. I know you will.
Me: I would not. Besides, what if I married an Irish nazi?
Mom: An Irish nazi? What's he gonna say when we meet him, "Top o' the mornin' to ye HEIL HITLER!!"?

And so I fell out my chair laughing. Seriously, I was lying on the floor laughing because of that. Funniest thing I've ever heard. Wow. My mom is weird. Funny though. (needless to say, I'll probably be single my entire life. No nazis for me.)

Ok, I was smiling/grinning during math class, so what? Leave me the fuck alone! (Sorry about that but there's this annoying girl in math who always talks to me and today pointed out every time I even remotely smiled as if it was the first sign of the fucking APOCOLYPSE.) During American history we watched WWII propaganda movies, it was awesome.

Eh, my leg is killing me. Started hurting a couple days ago, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. It felt like my calf was going to explode when I was walking home today. Hm, let me explain a little; you know when your foot is asleep and if it touches anything you get this sharp pain? I have that in my entire leg. Plus it's about 100x more painful. Stupid soleus! I hate you!

PP UPDATE: green pants
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Boy have I got a story to tell you!

Ok, I was helping Kyle with the papers this morning, and I'm doing this one house, and there this guy next door (must've been around 20) doing stuff with his car, so I'm like whatever, and I deliver the paper. I'm walking away from the house and I notice the guy is looking at me, and I'm ok. I keep walking, and he's like, staring at me! I was trying to keep a straight face, but inwardly I was freaking out and was like "stop looking at me omg". I get in the car and Kyle has this HUGE grin on his face and just says, "hey, he was checking you out!" Uh. WUT. So I have this mini freak-out in the car, (not like it's a natural thing for me, to be checked out or whatever) and the guy DRIVES BY and he's still looking at me from inside his car. Mom says I'm paranoid and Kyle keeps laughing at me. ARG.

...I bet I'd be an awful girlfriend. :O
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WHEE!!! Today was so awesome! The absolute best thing happened to me in the morning. I was walking to school, and I get to where the Zehrs is, and there's this guy walking towards me (I guess he was going to the busstop) so he stops me and he's like, "Can I buy a cigarette off you?" And guess what? HE DID!!!! Ehehehe!! Because a couple days ago I was super stressed out, so I took one of dad's cigarettes and put it in my coat pocket, so it was there if I needed it. Only problem was I have no matches, and never got a chance to get any, so it was just sitting there! So this guy bought it off me for like, 65ยข or something like that. Isn't that awesome? And he had this super cool jacket, and his hair was dyed this really pretty red color. Fwee~

I watched Napoleon Dynamite last night, hee. It was pretty funny, but I think it got blown way out of proportion. It isn't really as good as the way people are talking about it, but it's still a good movie. :D I love Napoleon's dance. It was HOT. Best dance scene in a movie, EVER. *dies*

PP UPDATE: green pants
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Fwee! This weekend was sososo much fun! Alicia and Jenni were having a double b-day party thing, and it was a sleepover, whee! It was really fun. There was about 8 people there. The first hour or so we just all talked and stuff, and snacked on one of the party-mixes, you know, with pretzels and cheezies and ringolos and such. For dinner we ate spaghetti, and then dessert was a super-yummy apple caramel pie. Fwee! Alicia and Jenni opened presents after, they got a bunch of awesome stuff, then we sat around and played truth or dare jenga, hee! It was funny. Lots of screaming and laughing. I nearly went deaf because Danielle was so loud. And she was calling everything hot. Eeep. Good stuff. When we were a little settled down we watched Pirates of the Caribbean, but we only got to watch about half of it, because Jen, Verena, and Danielle had to leave (they couldn't sleep over), and they brought the movie over so... ya. After they left we watched The Exorcist: The Beginning. OMG, it's so bad. We kept making comments and jokes during the whole thing. Lots of fun. When that was over, we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, because I brought it over. When the movies were over it was about midnight, so we got our stuff set up to sleep, but we didn't actually go to sleep, we were just laying around talking. We talked a lot, eep. We talked about all the people we hate, and who we used to like but don't like now, all that good stuff. After that we talked about pets and stuff, then we got somewhat philosophical (at around 2am, wtf) and we were talking about childhood things. You know, like lullabies/songs and santa claus, easter bunny, all that junk. We were talking about how lullabies are actually really depressing (well, it was mostly me making that point, but whatever). Like rock-a-bye baby and that one about the mockingbird, diamond ring, etc. They are really sad. I would NEVER sing those sings to my kids. And ring around the rosies! That song is about the PLAGUE, and these kids are singing it! WTF?! And then we got into how parents lie about mythical holiday things (santa claus, etc) to their kids, but how it wouldn't really be fair to have your kid as the only one who didn't really have anything to believe in. Then we started talking about when we stopped believing in all the holiday figures and stuff. We just talked and talked about stuff like that until around 4am. Then most people got tired and went to sleep, but I couldn't sleep! So I was just laying there doing nothing until about 7-something when I fell asleep, but then I woke up at 8:26am and couldn't fall back to sleep to I just stayed up, but I'm not tired at all right now! I wonder if that's good or bad. Anyway... after everyone was awake we had waffles for breakfast! :D They were really good. After we were done waffles we did some more talking, then we listened to CDs and sang. YA THAT'S RIGHT! Well, it was mostly Alicia and I singing, because I bought her the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, so we were singing all the songs off it. We have pretty loud voices, hee. And we're horribly off-key, but it's all in good fun! Most people started leaving after that, because it was around 12pm, and that's when the party was planned to end, so ya. It was so much fun. I wish I could do something like that for my birthday, but I can't because of my dog, and I don't know if I really would want to anyway! ARG!

Eeep. I have this really huge bruise on my knee, and my neck is killing me. Blah. And it's been snowing all day, so you know what that might mean! SNOW DAY! Hell ya, bitches.

(on a side note... I think the pope died or something) :/
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YAY! Tomorrow's my last exam, english. Should be easy. I'm pretty sure I passed all my other exams too. The biology exam seemed too easy... but it's probably just me. Blah.

We were gonna rent the Grudge tonight, but mom doesn't want to cause I have my exam tomorrow *sigh* So were gonna get it on thursday.

OMG!! You will not believe what happened yesterday! Ok, after the exam, Jen and Jenni came over to my house. We were using the Ouija board and stuff, just playing around, and we were getting hungry, so we decided to call the Magic Wok Chinese place up the street to see if it was open. So I got out the phone book and got the number, and Jenni dials, and its the 911! There was this freaky guy's voice on the other end, and Jenni thought it was just a joke so she hung up! Then I picked up the phone to dial again, and there voice is there, so I stay on, and then theres this British lady from the 911, asking me what the emergency was! So I tell her that were we just trying to phone the Chinese place but one of the numbers didn't register on the phone (I think the phone number was 792-1110), so she's like ok, and asks me my name and address and stuff, so I tell her and she says, ok, the police will be by shortly to make sure everything's ok. Shortly my ass!! It took the guy an hour to get to my house, and he was really creepy. He just talked to us and looked around, he asked my me name and stuff, then he left. We were all freaking out, we thought we were gonna get in so much trouble! Haha. Then we went up to the Magic Wok and ate lunch. I told my mom about it, and she thought it was hilarious. :P

Oh! I'm planning on doing some MAJOR screencapping of epsiodes 1-35 of CCS, yay! :D
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Ok, the art exam was super easy. Really, I worry too much about stuff. My next is on monday, and thats psychology, anthropology, and sociology. Blah.

Omg, after the exam, it was so much fun. Ok, Alicia's mom wasn't coming to pick her up until 10:30 (we finished at 9:30), so I decided to wait with her in the caf. I could've walked, but it was cold so I didn't want to leave right away. :P Tiffany came a while later, and she was saying how she was going home, but then she had to come back to do some math tests that she missed, and hand in some ISU's. So her mom was coming to pick her up later and she offered me a drive home, so I was like, sure! So we're waiting for her to show up, and then Mike comes over. So we're like, hey, and we all start talking about stuff. Mike had to stay at the school until 2, because the busses come on regular times even on exam days, so Tiff said he could come to her house, cause her mom had to go back for the bus route. (Tiff's mom drives a school bus) So Tiff's mom comes and we all get on the bus, but before going to Tiff's house we went to Zehrs, cause she had to do some shopping. So we start heading back on, we're on the road, and we see Sam! So Sam gets on the bus too, and we drive her over to the doctor, cause he had an appointment. Then we get to Tiff's house, and Tiff starts working on her ISU's, and Mike and me play N64. Fwee! We played this one racing game, then we played a 007 game, and then we played Perfect Dark (I think that's what it's called). I sucked at it, and I died a lot. Hee. Then Sam showed up! Yes, at Tiff's house. :D So we talked a lot, and played more N64, and it was about 1:45 so we had to head to the school. So we all get on the bus and go to school. We walked around for a bit, cause we had to wait until 2 when all the kids got on the bus. So about 10 minutes later we went out to were the busses were, and Ed was there (Mike's brother) waiting for Mike so they could leave. Mike told Ed everything that happened, and he laughed. We talked for about 5 minutes, then Mike and Ed got on their bus, and Sam and me got on our bus (Tiff's mom was gonna drive us home). There were only two other people on the bus, haha. So we drove out and dropped them off, and then we went to this little convenient store cause Tiff's mom wanted some water, so Tiff, Sam, and me went in to buy it. We got the water, and the ice cream feezer was right next to it, so we checked out what they had, and ended up buying a tub of Heavenly Hash ice cream, and a pack of plastic spoons. :D Yum. So we ate that on the bus on the way back. About 15-20 minutes later, we dropped Sam off by her house, and then we drove back to the school, cause Tiff's mom had to do the elementary route, so we couldn't even get a ride home! How cruel. So Tiff and me walked home, like it was a regular school day. Hahaha. We might do it again on monday. Whee!

Wow... this entry is really long, but I guess that's ok because it makes up for the two short entries I had yesterday. :P

Oh, I'm watching the MuchMusic countdown and that new Mario video just come on... how amusing. He's trying to act so tough when he's so obviously NOT. Loser. :O
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.... PICTURE TIME!!!! :D

I finally got a picture I can put in here! But there no fucking way in hell that I am putting a picture of me in here directly.

Ya... so the story (kinda) behind the picture is, Jen, Jenni, and me always go to the busstop to eat lunch, because Jenni has co-op. We always see the same people, creepy old man, creepy guy, the bitch with her kid, and then one day, we saw this new guy, and he looked like a Jahova's witness! He always had a folder and books and stuff with him. He started coming more often, and we were asking him questions and stuff. (do you work for the government?) We found out he's 23, and his name is Shawn! Hehe. I'm not sure if that's how he spells it though. (Shawn? Shaun? Sean? meh...) And he's totally cute. One day he came, and Jenni had a camera, so we got Jen to ask him if she could take a picture of him, haha! He said yes, but he said he's better not find it on the internet. So Jen got his picture, and a couple days later Jenni got it developed. He didn't show up for a couple days, but then he showed up, and we asked him if he could autograph it for us, and he said yes! He signed it, "To the guys at the bus stop." XD Isn't that awesome!? But for his sake, I won't put his picture in here, but if you wanna see it, I can send it too you, hehe. ^_~

Ok... that didn't have anything to do with the picture of me, but I figured I should write it in, cause that's just what we do everyday. Ok, for my pic, Jenni just asked me to do something so she could take a picture of me, so I did that. :P If you look, so can see part of the bagel in my hand from lunch I was eating!!

[took the picture out, it was bugging me] And now you can all see how ugly I am! *is shot* And how my hair is faded out to a pink-purple-brown thing. I suck at explaining, and visuals are nice, yes? Or you can just not look at the picture at all! Hurray! :D

...on another note, I slept from when I got home from school (around 2:45) until around 8:30, haha. I was so tired... and I ended up missing my orthodontist appointment, so it got moved to monday, blarg.
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Gather round children, and I shall tell you a tale! A tale of adventure, suspense, and... education?

That's right folks! On this very day, I woke up at 6am to go to Toronto with my parents and get a tour of the fabulous York University! (they work there) Yay! An uber-nice girl by the name of Erika gave me the grand tour! I don't know her personally, but she adopted our grey&white kitten. Anyway, she took me all over Campus, we first went to the Arts building*, where they have all the drawing, painting, sculpting, print-making, dance, and theatre courses. After that we went over to the Psychology building*, where I got a copy of the Undergraduate Supplemental Calander, and a copy of the Psychology Lecture Schedule for fall/winter of 2004 (not that it'll really help me much now, but it's nice to have a copy). After that, we went to Erika's dorm room, because she wanted to check out a listing of lectures that were doing on today, so we could sit in on them and I could get an idea of what an University lecture would be like. We got a couple lectures that were happening that day that we decided we gere gonna go check out. So we went back to the Psychology building*, because that's where one of the Lectures was. We went back in, and had to go to Lecture Hall I, and we went in and sat on the stairs about halfway up. The teacher was talking all about Pavlov's Dog, and the whole Uncontrolled/Controlled Response and Stimulus, which we had talked about yesterday in class (freaky, eh?) so I knew everything she was talking about. After that lecture was over we were gonna go to another lecture, but we couldn't do that right away, cause Erika had to go and tutor for like, an hour or something, so I went back to the kitchen in Winter's Residence where my parents were, and from there we went to York Lanes to eat lunch. We went to this awesome Japanese restaurant there called Sakura. My parents eat lunch there almost everyday, so the cooks know them really well. My parents introduced me to the cooks, and they were so nice! They gave me free Spring Rolls! :D I had Chicken Teriyaki, and I bought a box of "Choco Boy" candy. They were so yummy, they were biscuits with chocolate on them, but the chocolate part looked like a mushroom! Hee! (that explaination sucked, so here's a quick sketch of them! I drew it in paint so it's really bad.)
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Yes. They kinda look like that. Very yummy, go and buy some! Right now! :D So, after lunch I met up with Erika in the kitchen about 20min. later, and we went to check out the History building*, where the next lecture was. We walked around there for a bit, I picked up another Undergraduate Supplemental Calander, and since the lecture wasn't for another half hour, we walked over to York Lanes to get some coffee and stuff. Then we walked back to the History building*, and after about 15min. the lecture was gonna start, so we went in the class and sat at the back where we wouldn't be noticed. The teacher started talking about homework that was from the previous day, and then he started reading equations! We were like, what the hell? This is a math class! So we left, and it turned out that the schedule for that time had gotten messed up, so we didn't end up sitting in on a History lecture. *sigh* The next lecture we planned on going to wasn't for a while, so Erika took me to the building of Kinesiology and Health Science*, where, yes, I picked up another USC, and we walked around there for a bit, and checked out an animal anatomy (I think) class, where they were dissecting cats! Erika tld me that it made her sad, because all the cats' looked like they were in pain. Aww. So we left that building and went back to the Arts building*, where the last lecture was, it was an Arts and Culture lecture, and there were these two guest speakers in that day from Indonesia, and they put on a Shadow Puppet Play! Lucky us! When the play was over, it was about 3:45, so we went back to the Winter's Residence kitchen, where my mom was talking to Don Greg. (he's the Don of the building... his name isn't actually "Don Greg", haha) We all talked for about 10min., then we (my parents and I) had to leave. So I got all my books, said goodbye to Erika and Greg, then we went home. Exciting, yes? Although now my fingers kibnda hurt from typing all that up. *sigh*

* All of these building have names, I just can't remember what they are. >__>


Wednesday, July 7th, 2004 07:35 pm
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Fwee~ My grandma came over today, at like 12, (so I had to wake up early >__>) and she stayed until about an hour ago. Blah. But she brought me books! Hee. We talked for like, the whole time she was here, she doesn't come over much because of Zoro (our dog, he's a pitbull/labrador/staffordshire terrier/wolf mix).
She's kinda scared of him, but he acted good the whole time she was here. I think she likes him a bit more now.

Somehow we got into a conversation about organs. It was funny, I've never had a conversation about organs before! (even with my strange fascination with spleens) Quite fun. Then I had to help make dinner, I cooked the noodles, hur. They were those packages of Lipton's Noodles or whatever, but we didn't buy two packages of the same type, so I had to mix some. I combined a package of Sour cream and chives with cheese and chives, and they tasted pretty good! :3

During dinner, grandma kept making these unintentional perverted comments, haha. Then it started raining, so my idiot brother Kyle ran outside with a bucket and played in the rain. My parents kept yelling at him to come inside, because there was thunder and lightning, but he kept whining. "Why do I have to come inside? Blah blah blah." He's so annoying. x__x He's such a pig too! For dessert we we're going to have strawberry ice cream and cake, but it turns out that Kyle ate whole box of ice cream by himself. So we just had cake. *sigh* Then there was some more talking, something about her going to a cottage or something, then they started talking about Dr. Phil. o__o It was quite odd.

After dessert we went into the living room so grandma would watch Kyle's recital tape. (he plays drums, I play electric guitar) When it was over grandma asked if I had one too, which I didn't. (I wasn't at the music school when they had the recital) She asked if I was going to be in a recital, I said probably not, because I don't like preforming in front of an audience. So she was like, "So after you're done with guitar lessons, and your teacher says you're a fantastic guitar player, then that's it? You won't play for anyone?" And I said, "...Well, ya, probably." XD I'm so strange.

Yes, well that was my day. It was quite... interesting. Ooh! I finally got some Japanese-English dictionaries! Yay! Hee, now I can translate my manga! Whee~ ooh! My South Park episodes are done downloading!! Hee!

Later days~

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