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Monday, March 14th, 2011 09:16 pm
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It turns out I only have one Oasis cd? And it's Be Here Now!! Jeez man, it kills me.

I could've sworn I had the first two. Urg.

bargain bitches

Sunday, December 26th, 2010 12:54 pm
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Boxing day shopping!

Got pretty much everything I wanted to, so yay!

Went to Chapters and bought books )

then went to BJ's downtown and got some music )

Anyway~ watching this top 50 Music Videos of 2010 on MuchMusic right now... they've all kinda sucked so far! There was one Florence + the Machine (Dog Days Are Over) and one Lady Gaga (Alejandro), but the rest have been so whatever.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 08:56 pm
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Yay China Town~!

Bought some good stuff. I wish Kikiwai was open, and man... I am still full from that lunch. Agh! Anyway~ here's what I bought:

Battle Royale
-volume 15

Cardcaptor Sakura
- volumes 1, 3, 6

Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow
- volumes 3, 6

Fairy Tail
- volumes 1 - 4

Honey & Clover
- volumes 1- 3

LOVE for NANA ~Only 1 Tribute~
2 disk, some kind of Chinese instrumental folk music cd.

Wheee~ my legs are kinda sore too, from walking around I guess... and I have to work tonight! Bah!

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Saturday, August 30th, 2008 05:12 pm
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Went out today, bought new markers and the new Alice Cooper cd. :3 Pretty good, from what I've heard so far.

What else... I guess that's all. I think Prismacolor like... discontinued tangerine or something, because Curry's didn't have it, and the woman there didn't even know there was that color. Bawww.

I love free stuff

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 03:00 pm
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Man, having mom & dad work at York is pretty awesome. Why? Well, besides the health/whatever benefits, occasionally I get stuff that the students leave behind. XD

Recently I got a couple CDs:

- Sex Pistols // Filthy Lucre (Live)
- Empire Isis // Sound the Trumpets
- Street 66

The last two are pretty good... it's the kind of music I wouldn't mind listening to, but never actually buy the album of. XD So, lucky for me.

Also, I got my Tax Return cheque back, and I ended up getting about $370.46. I thought I was getting less, actually, so that's pretty sweet. :D
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Haa~ boxing day update! Just a really basic one. :D

CDs )



Overall, pretty good. It took me FOREVER to find those CB cds though. It was crazy! But I found this AWESOME store downtown on... Clapperton St. or something like that. It's called BJ's, and he sells all classic rock/whatever cds/records, and old memorabilia and stuff. So cool.

Also got a new ipod (8GB) for Christmas, and some other cool stuff. Yay! :D

Kyle's spending a couple days here, brought his DDR pad (which he got for xmas) and playstation2. Ordered Chinese, which was delicious, but man! SZECHUAN CHICKEN IS SO SPICY. D:

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Saturday, October 13th, 2007 02:39 am
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Forgot to update about this earlier, but I got 94% on my second German quiz. Yay! :D

Been reading the Pita Ten manga I bought, and omigod. This manga is like... super extremely cute to the max. XD It's so lovely. Three more volumes and I have them all!

Um... I guess that's all. Oh! When I bought the CDs from Sunrise, I got a free CD with it! It's Arts & Crafts Sampler, vol. 4. I haven't listened to it yet, but it's got some neat artists on it! :D

I think I might be getting a cold or something... my head's been hurting a lot lately and I've been kinda stuffed up. My back hurts too but I think that's a seperate thing.

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Sunday, April 30th, 2006 01:07 pm
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Went to Wal-Mart this morning to buy some stuff. I got a bunch of money for my birthday, and I just HAD to spend some of it.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (2 Disk Special Edition)
Enter the Dragon (2 Disk Special Edition)
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (2 Disk Special Edition)

Best of Disco
Truck Drivin' Super Hits 2

Fwee! I'm so happy~
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I went shopping today, because I found $40 in my pocket. Yey! I bought two cds;

City and Colour - Sometimes
KISS Gold, 1974-1982 (2 disks)

And they were both only like, $15! Score! :D

Mom and Dad started working night shift last night, so now they leave at 9:30 every night and come home around 8:30, although I'm already gone. Good stuff.
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Weeeell. I probably won't be online for most of the time off, so I'm gonna do a little update right now.

Went boxing day shopping, and I actually still have money left! It's burning a hole in my pocket, I tell you what. I really want to spend it, but I kinda don't at the same time...

Anyway! I bought a Gameboy Micro, and two games for it; Pokemon FireRed and Super Mario Bros. 3. I bought 3 DVDs; The Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Night at the Roxbury, and the complete series of Firefly!! I also bought 3 CDs; Shakira (Oral Fixation vol. 2), the Rent soundtrack, Hot Hot Heat (Elevator), and Highlights From Chicago. Yup. And that's all. Wheeee!
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I went shopping today! Yay! INSTANT JOY. I bought 3 CDs and one DVD. I ended up spending all of my money, I think I only have about $5 left. Anyway, here's what I bought...

Björk; Vespertine
Our Lady Peace; Healthy in Paranoid Times
System of a Down; Mezmerize
M*A*S*H Season Three (special edition)

So far I've watched three episodes from the M*A*S*H DVD, listened to the System of a Down CD, and I've started on the Bjork one. I tried the OLP CD, but it wouldn't read on my computer, something about the copy control I think. Oh well. I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this afternoon, it was pretty good. I still like the original version better though.
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Not feeling too well again, I'm not sure what's wrong though. Weird. Bored though, so as usual, a quiz to fill up space.

Shaken, not stirred )

I've got $80, so I've been thinking about going out to buy a new CD or two. Also been going through my CD's, arranging them and such, and I've decided to listen to a bunch of the older ones I haven't heard in a while. So, with that in mind...

CD of the Day:
Destiny's Child, The Writing's on the Wall
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Quiz things )

So bored, and nothing really today write about. Oh wait! I bought cds yesterday! Got the new Gorillaz cd, and the Moulin Rouge soundtrack! Finally! There were some others I was going to get, but I saw the soundtrack for Revenge of the Sith, and I had a brain meltdown. I coudn't remember anything I wanted to get. Stupid brain.

Oh, speaking of which, I really want to go see Revenge of the Sith again. Maybe I can get Verena to go with me, I'm pretty sure she said she wanted to see it... or maybe Katherine... nyar.
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Today was... actually pretty boring. But I didn't update yesterday so I figured I'd better write today.

Started drawing again, but I have no pencils so I have to use a pencil crayon. It's blue, yay. Working on this one picture, looks kinda good, except for the FUCKING UGLY LEGS. They just... suck. They suck like WHOA. And it seems like it's impossible to fix them. I was gonna work on it today, but the fucking pencil crayon broke. So I hit it on the bench a couple times then put it away. Stupid thing. But anyway, I'll probably just sharpen it and work on the legs again, cause man they are so pissing me off (and maybe if I get off my lazy ass I'll scan it for you all to see, so feel special).

Watching Fiddler on the Roof in religion. It's kinda funny, and its a musical! Directed by Norman Jewison, same guy who did Jesus Christ Superstar! Awesome. (yay for a good Canadian director).

My friends and I have begun planning a Star Wars marathon. Whee. We're just gonna rent all the Star Wars movies and watch them all. Then maybe go and see the new one at the theatre. Although the last time we were gonna do a movie marathon it didn't fly, so I'm not sure if this one is going to happen either. Blah.

There was some assembly thing today... for this spirit thing. It made me really tired, because it was so fucking boring. Verena and I spent most of the time talking and stuff. Arg.

Note to self, buy these cds:
-Sam Roberts
-Blind Melon
-Our Lady Peace

PP UPDATE: beige shorts
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Eh, I guess I might as well write something today. I read JTHM: Director's Cut again. Hee. I'd forgotten how completely AMAZING it is. Whee!

I want to go buy more CDs. I love CDs. Eep. I shouldn't though... nyar. Curses! I only have $55+change anyway... so depending on the CD prices, and how old/new they are... I might only be able to get two or three. Though I wonder if the CDs are cheaper in the states, so maybe it would be better to buy them there? Hmm.

Fwee! The snow is melting! Its spring again! Although that means it'll be raining a lot, and I'm going to have to walk in it. Arg. I love rain, but I hate walking in it. *sigh*

I think I've been writing in this too much. I don't really go outside besides for school and the once-in-a-blue-moon shopping trips, and I'm only talking to people at school or on msn. This is my only window to the outside world! This is the only way for people to know what's going on in my life, which isn't anything interesting anyway, and I don't think anyone even reads it! I need to get out more, do more social things, but I'm so fucking paranoid... I wonder what I'm gonna do once high school is over.

...Wow, how out of place was that!? o_O (my brain is weird)

PP UPDATE: omg, it's green pants!
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Whee hooooo!! I got back from shopping about an hour ago... and now I am super poor! I ended up spending all the money I brought (except for $5 and mixed change), but I bought everything I wanted to, so it worked out fine. I GOT AN ALEXISONFIRE CD YAY!! :D I could only get their first CD (which is AWESOME, btw), because their second (newest) one was sold out. Sad. I wanted them both sooo bad. Fwee. But just one is good enough. I shouldn't be greedy.

I'm so glad I got all that stuff out of the way now, it was freaking me out a little because I waited so long to go out for stuff. Eep. But everything is all good now. I wish I bought some candy though...

A Quiz )
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Today sucks. Mom is being an uber-bitch.

I was doing better these past couple days or whatever. Yesterday I was getting depressed again, today is even worse. I cried. A lot. Awful. So now my head hurts from crying, and add that on with being sick... very bad day. :(

I went through my CDs again today. I missed a bunch from when I first went through them. My entire CD holder thing is almost full! :O I didn't think I had that many (although most of them are burned, but whatever, shut up). I might switch some stuff around and listen to something I haven't in a while. Might cheer me up. (Will hopefully cheer me up)

I wanted to run away last night. Seriously. I just wanted to take some money and get out of the house. I could've. But there isn't really anywhere I could go. I'd just end up wandering around for hours until I either decided to go home, or my parents noticed I was gone and went looking for me. *sigh*

I'm so glad no one [online] has talked to me today. It might help or something, but I don't want to bother people with all my weird depressing crap. (I've done that enough already, sorry everyone) :(

I can't believe March break is almost over! I don't want to go back to school on monday...
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Holy crap, it is so cold. >_< I hate winter. Hopefully it'll be over soon. Arg.

I want to go buy Cds! I want to spend my money! Even if I only can buy one, that will do for now! Please!! All my current CDs are dying! DYING!!

Ok, they're not really dying. :D But I really do want a new CD. *sigh* I made Kyle listen to some Alexisonfire today, he told me he doesn't get it. Haha, silly child.

I was really bored today, so during 3rd/4th period I drew all over my arm, but the pen ran out before I could finish, so I need to go buy more. If I get a chance I'll post pictures in here later. (new entry)

...did I mention it was cold?

PP UPDATE: green paaants~
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Bored, bored, bored. I started taping Hagaren yesterday, but when I replayed it some of the episodes were all static, so I'm gonna try retaping it again tonight and see if it's still messed up. I'll replay it on a different tv first, it might be ok, but I don't see what the difference would be. Eh, whatever. We'll see.

I really, really want to go buy some new Cds. I've been listening to the same things over and over (not that there's anything wrong with them, but it gets somewhat tiring after a while). I really want an Alexisonfire CD. And Sam Roberts. And soundtracks! I only have the soundtrack for Grease, and honey that just ain't gonna cut it. :/ I NEED VARIETY!!!

The Clerks cartoon finished downloading, and it is amazing. I wish there were more than 6 episodes though. *sigh* I think I'm gonna make some icons, and do a hell of a lot of screencapping. Hurrah!

PP UPDATE: N/A (substitute)
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OMG, I am so bored. So out of this boredom, I decided to... ARRANGE MY CDS!! No, really. I thought I had a lot more than I do. Hrm. I found out that I have 3 Backstreet Boys Cds. 3!! and 3 Limp Bizkit Cds. And I have Nirvana's Nevermind Cd. How?! I don't even like Nirvana, yet I have one of thier Cds. *sigh* Half of these don't even have the booklets anymore. Arg. 'Tis the curse of my room, it is. Blah, oh well. The only trouble I had was when I had all the CDs on there, then I'd find another, so I'd have to take all the others off to put it up. Cause I'm putting them in alphabetical order. I dunno why. I guess it's easier to find them that way? Meh. It'll probably get all messed up in a week or so.

Oh! My exams are starting next week. Blah. They start on thursday, and go until the wednesday. (feb 2) I dunno how, cause that's 5 days, and there's only 4 exams... thursday=art, friday=psych, monday=biology, tuesday=english, wednesday=nothing!! Eh, maybe it's just an extra day or something. Stupid exams. Well, at least I don't have to stay there the whole day. :D

I'm hungry, and I don't like American Idiot as much as Nimrod.

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